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  1. I noticed @Champ182 was asking for blink news in another thread, so there you have it. 😃
  2. They also worked with Thom Powers of The Naked and Famous, although they didn't specify on which song. They're an amazing synth-pop band. Powers is a great fit as a co-producer for a band like Simple Creatures, in my opinion.
  3. And Ali Tamposi, too. Here's a couple of new updates for the timeline at the beginning of this thread. 3/14/19 - Another day of blink-182 recording with The Futuristics 3/15/19 - Mark confirming early summer release
  4. I agree. I just tried to finish on a positive note on an otherwise somber post. This wording was also meant to encourage debate, which is exactly what happened in the comment section. 😉
  5. Here's the original source of the To The Stars new offering circular: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1710274/000114420419006365/tv509356_partiiandiii.htm?fbclid=IwAR0XJnp8kU8kZUFuy3z25ozJ1-ev-uFyk6HjovyD_0jR4Bf8TAHLouxwqBs And some shameless self-promotion a summary:
  6. I don't know. This is the whole screenshot posted by blink-182 Paraguay. Maybe he promised them the same things we were promised by Feldmann's manager in case of compliance. If I remember correctly, you're a Spanish speaker, so I'd recommend checking out their Facebook page. There are quite a few comments on there.
  7. They're going out of their way to have the clip removed from all sources.
  8. According to Feldmann's manager (I checked, it's really him), it is not a blink-182 song.
  9. Thank you, NJansaid. I don't care about bullies. It's part of the online board experience, I guess. All I wanted to do was to share an interesting story with you guys, knowing that you usually like to discuss this sort of stuff. I'm grateful for everyone - including JarJar! - who took some time to join the debate. We still haven't really figured out what happened exactly, though! Again, Elisa, let me be very clear. I agree with what you're saying, but this is not the point. Mark is absolutely free to block anyone anytime for whatever reason with no explanation due, be it a serial troll or a loyal fanpage. My question was, provided that these posts are the actual reason why he took that weird block-unblock measure (which has yet to be proven!), how did he see them? Also, does anything of what I wrote qualify as "awful things" about Matt? The way events developed and Mark's phrasing make me think that we're off track. I guess there's no way of knowing. On a side note, I'll just add very briefly that I think it's unfair to cherry-pick a couple of critical posts, which are a minuscule minority in a community which prides itself on an almost ten-year history of unwavering support for blink-182. I get that this is what we're talking about now and your post is far from uncalled-for, quite the contrary, but I'll just state this fact to try to provide a more complete picture of blink-182 Italia. In case any of you guys is interested in our little crazy world, you're all warmly invited to join us on our social media accounts! I'll go back to lurking now.
  10. No, Ghent. Let me be even clearer. Matt routinely reads comments to his own posts, as evidenced by the screenshot I posted. However, nothing suggests that he lurks on others' accounts. What you previously asked me to copy-paste was not a comment, but part of a post of mine. This is why it is unlikely that Matt himself saw it, but I wouldn't rule out that someone from their crew did. I still don't believe this is what happened, though.
  11. I don't expect Mark to support any level of bashing at all. This is still not the point as far as I am concerned, though. Because of the several inconsistencies that I listed above, I am inclined to think that that post has nothing to do with it. What caused him to block-unblock us is still far from clear. I said many times that he never followed us. I think that your reconstruction of the facts is reasonable overall, but it leaves many questions unanswered, most importantly not explaining how Mark ended up on that post in the first place, if he ever did. I obviously discussed the matter with my fellow administrators and the most credible hypothesis seems to be that Mark might have seen that post in December in the explore tab on Instagram, which is not based on chronological criteria, but rather on interest criteria. I used the hashtags #blink182 and #markhoppus among others in that post. If he often browses through pictures thus tagged, it is not completely improbable that he might have seen that one in the explore tab. If this is the case, then the odd timeline makes more sense. I still find it unlikely that of all of our posts, many much more successful in terms of engagement than that one, this is the one that shows up on Mark's feed. This is all just speculation, though, as we'd need to better grasp how Instagram's algorithms work to reach any definitive conclusion. I'd rule this out. Matt is kind of awkward at Instagram. Nothing ever suggested that he lurks on blink-182 fan accounts. Furthermore, he's subject to a barrage of insults on a daily basis and doesn't seem to care that much. What are the chances that a single post of mine was the final straw? As I said, I really like Matt in blink and I think he knows. This is a really good point. Thank you, Ghent. Regardless of whether he said "Is it true" or "Did you say", both expressions convey uncertainty. Perhaps, someone close to them saw something I posted, didn't like it, and told the band. It could have been virtually anyone from their crew. Very hard to tell. I still can't guess what angered them so much, though. I don't think it was the post we're talking about, because it wasn't exclusively about Matt. Haha! It might be. I don't know. We'll probably never know. I still don't really get what happened. It's been all just speculation so far. Hopefully, this guitar pick will bury this alleged, very weird hatchet.
  12. My Instagram feed is public for everyone to see! I honestly did not realize how many posts supporting Matt I published before checking back for any offensive ones this morning. It looks like I am nothing short of repetitive in this respect. Wow, Oliver got no chill today! You're right, though. I'm likely overthinking this. I get that I might have said something that he found offensive. I'm not disputing that. What I'm actually interested in is how he found that post. Since I believe that it is highly unlikely that in December 2018 he somehow stumbled upon a post of mine dating back to May 2018, I find this hypothesis unrealistic. I would argue that no one really needs a guitar pick. Mark has been in the habit in the past few years of sending guitar picks to a few lucky fans who requested them during his Twitter Q&As. I though it would be nice to get one. In my opinion, this kind gesture once again shows Mark's true colors, which makes this whole block-unblock story all the more puzzling. But I understand that you and I might have different opinions on this issue. It's fine. "Matt is very unprofessional. It's been over three years and he hasn't been bothered with learning either lyrics or correct guitar parts. His reliance on a teleprompter is unacceptable at this point, not to mention the fact that I've not heard him play the intro to WMAA right once." I was displeased after seeing their performance at Weenie Roast 2018. I'm not proud of what I wrote. It is interesting, however, that in that post I sort of ranted about the general state of the band (excluding Travis), which makes me think that this is not the incriminating evidence I am looking for. Not once did I single out Matt for criticism. If anything, I have often complained about the lack of Matt's input. Give me more Skiba! On a side note, I'm glad that Matt finally learned to play the WMAA intro correctly.
  13. Thank you, Ghost. I finally found the post I was thinking about. I'll admit I could have chosen softer language. I still can't figure out how Mark ended up on that post, if we admit that he ever did. The post in question dates back to May 2018 and did not contain any tags. He blocked-unblocked us in December 2018 and brought it up again today. That's an odd timeline. This is why I think that this whole thing has nothing to do with any of my posts. It looks like it will remain a mystery!
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