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  1. Get fucked, Janet. I do what I want. Now log your irrelevant ass off and let everyone else enjoy the album, you unaccomplished clown. ?
  2. In all honesty, I didn't recognize it as yours due to the lack of watermarks I could remove. ©
  3. It's unfortunate that you choose to have this bellicose attitude. It's not really useful to ask a question, pretty much ignore the answer, and keep pushing your false narrative, is it? Look, my point here is to set the record straight for the other blink-182 fans who might happen to read this. Personally, I don't care about your opinion, whatever problem you might have with me, or anything else you think for that matter. My community is doing better than ever and at the end of the day that's what matters to me. If you thrive in resentment, that's totally your prerogative. I'll pretend that you wised up and won't lend any weight to the digs in your first and last paragraphs. I get that your whole point here is to offend other people. That says much more about your character than about the targets of your poor trolling attempts. Now let me vainly try to instill some sense of proportion in you. The first quotation you wrote had to do with the Can't Get You More Pregnant remix, if I remember correctly. Once again, I still stand by that post. At the end of the day, it was just a harmless remix they let John toy with, but I wouldn't call it a shining example of artistic integrity. As a fan, it was frustrating, because right when they criminally underutilized Matt's talent on a double album, they gave their producer virtually free rain on a track. I am still not a fan of John's production style on many levels, but this doesn't mean that I can't enjoy the final product. It's a matter of nuance. By the same token, the fact that I mistakenly singled out one event as a proof of unprofessional behavior doesn't mean that I think that Matt is unprofessional as a whole, as it clearly isn't the case. As for the alleged u-turn and purported fake opinions, I guess this is the last baseless accusation you're desperately clinging onto. Ry-Bread even posted a link to my IRWIHY review pointing out that it contains criticism. My review of Darkside contrains criticism. My review of Happy Days contains criticism. My review of BIOMY contains criticism - and Matt even acknowledged it and was grateful for what he called "honest feedback" or whatever he wrote in Italian (pretty solid language skills btw). Again, you or anyone else for that matter have failed to explain what would be the point of faking reactions to music. That would be borderline sociopathic. I've been running blink-182 Italia for almost 8 years now and I've got very little in return. I do it out of generosity because I feel like I should give something back to the blink-182 community. Doesn't it make much more sense that I'm just a fan like anyone else who has his own opinions and sometimes likes to share them? I know that you'll never answer yes, because you have to stick to your persona and I have no pretense to change that. Again, my point here is to respectfully explain my position on a platform I am a fan of when called upon. I'm doing great in my management capacity, I said everything I had to say here, and I am at peace with myself. ?
  4. Can you see now why I can't cram all my criticism into one single caption? ?
  5. Are you sure you want to reopen this Pandora's box? I'm genuinely asking, because last time I came here with an open mind hoping to have a productive discussion and you were the one who by all standards contributed the least. I don't even know why I'm still engaging you, but alright, let's do it. To answer your question, yes, to my recollection I did. And I stand by my post. I was let down by an awful performance by blink-182 and I vented my disappointment, because I know for a fact that they could do much better (e.g. see the ongoing tour). The only comment I regret is calling Matt's behavior "unprofessional". I was unaware at the time that he suffers from memory problems due to an actual medical condition. I still can't say that I'm a fan of professional musicians using teleprompters, but obviously I can't hold it against Matt. I'm not sure I need to address Ghent's "100% positive" trolling, since it was just disproven by Ry-Bread. Level-headed criticism has always been there. I'll admit that the post you were referring to wasn't really level-headed. It was a reaction in the heat of the moment. I wrote what I felt like right after watching that show, I probably thought that it would trigger an interesting debate, and in hindsight I don't see any reason to deny it. That being said, you can choose to cherry-pick 2-3 full-fledged critical posts out of 2,000+ on Instagram and many more on Facebook and try to portray me as a hater in disguise while failing to explain what exactly would be the point in living this alleged charade (fun fact: I'm by no means "close to the band" as some have claimed), or acknowledge that there are several layers of complexity to factual reality and respectfully try to conduct a joint effort to shed some more light on actual events. Personally, I'm over it, Mark seems to be over it if we operate on the assumption that he ever felt involved in the first place, while for some weird reason this creepy obsession with me took root here. I'll take it as a form of flattery. Does it answer your question or is there any other detail you'd like to discuss? ?
  6. Literally none of this is true, but I'll have to admit that it's a pretty solid attempt at trolling. 6/10. Keep it up. ? Instagram captions have a 2,200-character limit. I promise I'll work on my summary skills. I appreciate the anthropological study going on here, though. ?
  7. That's exactly right. See here, here, here, and here. No.
  8. It was co-written by Watt, Tamposi, and Feldmann.
  9. I think Mark couldn’t care less about whatever I post. I built a nice little community for blink-182 fans, but it’s pretty much insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Most importantly, this false narrative that a change in tone occurred after last year’s debacle is not substantiated by any evidence. Quite the contrary: occasional level-headed criticism is still there. Just read my reviews for the new songs. Matt even acknowledged it. ?‍♂️
  10. I take full responsibility for my actions. ?‍⚖️
  11. I'm too busy hiding @Ry-Bread's watermark.
  12. The post is still there. I’m not afraid to express my own opinions, I’m not a mouthpiece for the blink-182 Party, and I don’t need anyone’s validation. And I still stand by that post. It was about a bad performance of theirs. When they put on a good show, I’m always happy to acknowledge it (see recent post about the first show of this tour). When I feel like they do not live up to their full potential, I’ll admit it. You are grossly mistaken if you think I care about any one follow on social media. As I said, I do it out of generosity because blink-182 has given me a lot and I’d like to give something back to their fans. I decided to open a throwaway account here because I’m occasionally mentioned and I think that it’s polite to reply in such instances, but Arguing Online™ is not my thing and quite frankly I don’t need to justify any position of mine. That being said, I’ll briefly address this Ry-Bread watermark hoax because it’s hilarious to me that one could think that I’m secretly plotting to somehow undermine this forum. I get that you’re not big on Instagram and it’s fine, so I’ll do my best to use simple language even though it didn’t work last time. I don't mean it in a disparaging way. The first time his watermark was in fact partially hidden by some text because that was the only area of the picture where I could add some writing without covering what was supposed to be shown, namely the title of the song on Shazam. The second time he was the one who asked me to post his cards, I was glad to comply, and most importantly his watermark was clearly visible. It is unbelievable that basic human decency needs to be explained. Under the right conditions I would be very happy to promote this forum because it’s one of the best platforms for blink-182 discussion around, so I really don’t see why I would ever purposefully try to hide a watermark, as if it could have any tangible consequence. You know, it’s hard to tell if you’re trolling or if you just lack any nuance whatsoever. Either way, you’re not doing yourself any favors. If you want war, go ahead. I don’t and I’ll keep being a fan of this place. This attitude says much more about your character than about me. Now I’d rather go back to planning my next posts. I have a Happy Days review to write. Please, try not to have a nervous breakdown if you read some mild criticism in between many words of praise later today. ✌️
  13. Not sure what's ballsy about a meme making fun of whiny fans on social media. No. I criticize blink when I feel like it's warranted to encourage discussion in my community, which is widely different from pointlessly moaning on the Internet. I personally disagree with all those complaints, except maybe "come to Brazil". None of this is true. Nice attempt at trolling, though. Try again, Ghent.
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