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  1. Ali Tamposi has been working with them at least since December. They didn't mention The Futuristics either.
  2. @Elisa @knapton I suggest you watch it asap before it's taken down again. S01 E01 https://vimeo.com/339738815S S01 E02 https://vimeo.com/341138123
  3. It wouldn't have been if I had posted it as soon as both songs were released, but it would be now because I essentially know what the results will be. Under this assumption, posting this poll is tantamount to rubbing in blink's face that the majority of people don't like BIOMY. That's why I first ran the poll on Facebook, which isn't as closely monitored by their management as my Instagram. It's not that I can't criticize blink and in fact it is well-known that I do when I feel like they deserve it, obviously not out of spite but in order to encourage discussion among the community. But all things considered, this poll really feels unnecessary (as well as outdated) at this point, especially since my team and I have much better material in store. As I said, I'd rather keep fostering a supportive environment than bum out people who were just looking for news updates and some entertainment. On a side note, I prefer BIOMY. 💃
  4. I did it on Facebook first to test the waters and have no desire to replicate these results on Instagram, considering that blink-182, Matt, and several managers of theirs follow me there and I'd rather not run the risk of a negative outcome on a platform where I try to foster a supportive environment. Conclusive evidence seems to suggest that the majority of fans prefer Rebel Girl over BIOMY. This doesn't mean that either song is necessarily bad, in fact BIOMY is doing very well in the charts thus far.
  5. I've been monitoring the Internet but there currently seem to be no streaming platforms where Unidentified can be watched on demand for free. All I could find is a live stream of History Channel, but it's useless at this point. I'll give you all a heads-up if I happen to find the episode.
  6. The second half of the summary is in the comment section just so you guys know. ✌️
  7. I noticed @Champ182 was asking for blink news in another thread, so there you have it. 😃
  8. They also worked with Thom Powers of The Naked and Famous, although they didn't specify on which song. They're an amazing synth-pop band. Powers is a great fit as a co-producer for a band like Simple Creatures, in my opinion.
  9. And Ali Tamposi, too. Here's a couple of new updates for the timeline at the beginning of this thread. 3/14/19 - Another day of blink-182 recording with The Futuristics 3/15/19 - Mark confirming early summer release
  10. I agree. I just tried to finish on a positive note on an otherwise somber post. This wording was also meant to encourage debate, which is exactly what happened in the comment section. 😉
  11. Here's the original source of the To The Stars new offering circular: https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1710274/000114420419006365/tv509356_partiiandiii.htm?fbclid=IwAR0XJnp8kU8kZUFuy3z25ozJ1-ev-uFyk6HjovyD_0jR4Bf8TAHLouxwqBs And some shameless self-promotion a summary:
  12. I don't know. This is the whole screenshot posted by blink-182 Paraguay. Maybe he promised them the same things we were promised by Feldmann's manager in case of compliance. If I remember correctly, you're a Spanish speaker, so I'd recommend checking out their Facebook page. There are quite a few comments on there.
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