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  1. Mark apparently playing "Happy Days" chorus
  2. It's monday on NZ right? Anyone knows if the song is out?
  3. not last month, but a lot of time ago
  4. actually someone on reddit have said since last month that we would be getting a new song called "Happy Days" in July. Nobody believed him back then, of course.
  5. I'm hoping for a sunday leak from NZ this time lol
  6. they should sell it as a part of the preorder package of the new album
  7. also, this big pink smiley pic would be a great album cover IMO
  8. I'm really hoping that they have learned something with BIOMY and GD's releases, and maybe this song will be a mid-term between these two. Something BTD-esque maybe.
  9. So the same guy that leaked infos about "Generational Divide" just said that we're getting a new song on Monday, called "Happy Days". He's not an official source, but uses to be pretty reliable.
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