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  1. See that's why I avoid buying these things...those look as fake as the ones I showed you lol. Thoughts?
  2. @Ry-Bread Hey I got something for you to look at...do you know anything about NFG autographs?
  3. Some things have set values that they never go under...I've bought and sold for years just not autos...e.g. pre Matt Blink posters are I'd say about $100 all day...but, that one was shilled...we couldn't do it...the seller was running it up with a second account. The seller of those CD's insists they are real but, has no proof...have been refunded! thanks again!
  4. what's that bottom poster worth? $100-$125?
  5. Right, a buddy bought the first three and wants to bid on the last one but, we thought the drumhead was fake since we seen an exact copy down to the inscription for sale on ebay. thanks...we are starting a return on the cds! Oh and the examples I was looking at were yours...I didn't see you have two places these are posted lol. Either way thanks again!
  6. I've seen some examples that match the cds that's crazy.
  7. @Ry-Bread https://ibb.co/hZ4mSrX https://ibb.co/FW0LC7B https://ibb.co/qFffHKb https://ibb.co/D4DX116 Real or Fake?
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