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  1. up for $400...they just lowered it to $325...CD is cracked...$50 max https://www.ebay.com/itm/BLINK-182-FULLY-Signed-Autographed-TOYPAJ-CD-Virgin-NYC-2001-RARE/184015724850?hash=item2ad8312132:g:HRgAAOSw4qZdujSt
  2. Why so much hate everything I said is true you guys are just flippin the script. NOT COOL!
  3. I just buy and re-sell a lot I can't make sure everything is real. Anything confirmed fake is dumped and refunded to never be seen on eBay again. I run 250k in the blink market a year with about 4 others...some don't want to speak out but, have been on here for years and pointed me here. please understand there is no ill will in my blood! I like you guys!
  4. so there are people you can pay to hunt them down for autos???? What thee fuck???? Message me!!!!!
  5. I said blink "PIECES" never claimed anything about autos...this helped me get into them...I buy most of my stuff from warehouse music on unlisted bulk deals (WHERE YOUR BCR CAME FROM). @Ry-Bread can confirm I never claimed anything about autos. In fact, bought a lot of fakes and he's saved me money by getting refunds.
  6. I'm not a fuckin scammer moron! ebay limits sales and charges tax so I split all my shit up between the accounts to avoid being forced to pay even more...
  7. I have 10 or more ebay accounts LOL...I have one from every major state and city....AND again ANYTHING worth a shit on ebay you buy from me trolls!!! REMEMBER THAT WHEN YOU LOOK AT A LOT OF YOUR PIECES! AND I'LL REMEMBER THAT WHEN I LOOK AT MY ACCOUNT HAHA
  8. Enjoy...we had that reposted 3 times....but, "WE" sell fake shit right? Sometimes we buy and resell items that turn out to be fake...that's how I found this place. there is no other sigs on it anywhere
  9. WHAT IN THEE FUCK??? I didn't sign those Mark did but, if they are fake...warehouse music on ebay is the one who sold me the 5 copies for $100.
  10. LOL HATERS!!!!! I didn't use you...I have been buying and selling with your info YES....BUT, I wasn't as much before coming on here. WTF??? I bought those in a lot from warehouse music on ebay for $100 bucks....THEY ARE ALL REAL...I'll take $40 each shipped??? No fuckin games here!
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