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  1. hah dat doesnt even loook like him maybe he was shape shifting
  2. i find it to be a great re-use of that i miss you vocal idea inserted into something that sounds realy differant good artist = copy great artist = not blink at the moment
  3. i just saw the 3-4 seconds of the kiss and tel video lmfao!!! tom owning marky and matty yet again hilarious video much better than some kids running around
  4. lol id tell mark "wtf my mangus, u just wrote all over the track list now u buy me a new toypag digipack limited edition and u sign it again"
  5. id rather not have feldman anywhere near alkaine trio hes done enough damage as it is
  6. the version of darkside they r playing there is so much better than the album version nasty feldman
  7. Davey as good infos in general but as been shown to be wrong many times over(making mistakes is normal, especialy for things like that where alot of it wasnt offical noted and lots of it was home made so lots of space for erroneous memories of events)
  8. this is what that band sounded they disbanded in 2004, reddit says
  9. your mother(who is from previous generations) wouldn't even be offender you're embarrassing
  10. 2 other ideas 1. a clone of mark hoppus called markèz 2. madzag
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