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  1. Tom is a business, but music is only a part of his interest. I think it would be lame if he took 24 months to get an album together, but he is doing a lot of other crap - like his History Channel thing, books, etc etc. On the other hand, Blink is a band and their business is music. Since they aren't trying to make their art into a full multi-media experience, I get more pissed when it takes them so long to assemble their one and only focus... albums!
  2. I dunno. Every AVA album kinda sounds the same, but I don't dislike them for the most part. That said, I liked the direction of Neighborhoods and Dogs Eating Dogs, so that leaves a bit of a what if in my head.
  3. ... but what if Tom actually does catch an alien ... and proceeds to probe that alien's butt on the History channel? I want to see that. Come on you, TO THE STARS!
  4. When asked for ID, I just point to my hairline or balding crown and tell them that I voted for Clinton (no, the guy one).
  5. I'm a Gen X and my back feels every aching second of it.
  6. It is all pretty exciting when you put it like that! 😂
  7. A see can also be a cathedral... and a blue one at that.
  8. Done. I have never listened to Lil Wayne. Does he use a band - ala The Roots - or have a DJ doing the tracks live?
  9. Thong is right. The band doesn't have to conform to the opinion of anyone. You stated that we can't even have an opinion and that is utter rubbish.
  10. Just because you are a fan doesn't entitle you to an opinion. Ammiright, HarveyDangerPants?
  11. You literally told someone that they can't have an opinion that differs from Tom and Travis on Matt. Look up "obsequiously" and define that as well. Team Harvey, we need you to assemble and tell the new kid that I am not a sycophant because the truth hurts.
  12. You get fuck-all. That is the great thing about being a sycophant. The band that you are bending over a log for respects you even less than the rest of us.
  13. It is not about advantage. You wrote: "Just because you're a fan of something doesn't entitle you to a say or opinion on it." This is a forum where people discuss opinions - not take directives. It would be a boring trip if everyone didn't express themselves.
  14. Translation: I am a sycophant. Blah blah blah. I am sycophant. Blah blah blah. Why can't you be a sycophant? Blah blah blah. You aren't allowed to have an opinion that doesn't reflect the wishes of Blink, Inc. Blah blah blah. I am a sycophant.
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