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  1. I sent Tom 30 bucks via Venmo so that he could build a time machine. I get to ride in it one day. We pinky-swore.
  2. Mark just opened up a REVERB shop and started an auction for his plaid "Groundskeeper Willie" Precision Bass. https://reverb.com/item/25757291-fender-custom-shop-pink-plaid-groundskeeper-willie-precision-bass-owned-by-mark-hoppus
  3. I don't want you to have to work too hard, so this is for students under the age of eleven. For Dumbass
  4. Water makes other things wet. It is not wet itself. Dumbass.
  5. Not sure which venue is in the picture, but it looks similar in layout to the Camden Waterfront.
  6. Since it is a solo Mark sing-along, this frees up Matt from having to stand in front of his teleprompter... unless of course he is looking at the tabs or something.
  7. Mate, this post is from 8 years ago.
  8. Meh. If they wanted to experiment with releasing short singles, they should have done it with "Built This Pool" because it is a better song overall.
  9. Tom is a business, but music is only a part of his interest. I think it would be lame if he took 24 months to get an album together, but he is doing a lot of other crap - like his History Channel thing, books, etc etc. On the other hand, Blink is a band and their business is music. Since they aren't trying to make their art into a full multi-media experience, I get more pissed when it takes them so long to assemble their one and only focus... albums!
  10. I dunno. Every AVA album kinda sounds the same, but I don't dislike them for the most part. That said, I liked the direction of Neighborhoods and Dogs Eating Dogs, so that leaves a bit of a what if in my head.
  11. ... but what if Tom actually does catch an alien ... and proceeds to probe that alien's butt on the History channel? I want to see that. Come on you, TO THE STARS!
  12. When asked for ID, I just point to my hairline or balding crown and tell them that I voted for Clinton (no, the guy one).
  13. I'm a Gen X and my back feels every aching second of it.
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