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  1. Including Matt in collabs such as these will probably have to utilize him on vocal duties, and sharing vocals between 3 or more singers (e.g Mark and xxx) is hard to pull off. Not having Mark sing will eliminate the blink-182 identity in the song for the casual ear. Maybe if it were Tom he could add a few iconic guitar lines here and there without making it sound too forced.
  2. I would say you're right but then again blink is the biggest money he's ever done in his career, by a long shot. Also, as a musician and all playing in front of huge audiences like in blink must feel as good as a drug. These things are too hard to give up upon even if you feel like it's not your place. A good analogy will be a good soccer player, like Gareth Bale, got signed in one of the biggest clubs in the world, Real Madrid. Bale didn't fit in the club, the managers, the language, etc... but yet he still remains in the club.
  3. I think it's safe to say by now that he simply doesn't fit in the band. His presence in any blink activity is close to non existent, whether it's onstage, during interviews, in the studio, etc...
  4. Unfortunately these couple of intros and stuff are the last threads that resemble blink (to some extent), and not make them a 100% generic tasteless band.
  5. Yep. Matt actually managed to butcher a 3 (power) chord song that literally don't change until the bridge. And the worst part is he didn't even notice it. Sorry, but that's a big yikes for me dog. I hate to admit, but my appreciation to my favorite band is declining. Slowly, but surely. It sucks man.
  6. I'm not nitpicking my friend, I'm just expecting better from my favorite band. You're a bit exaggerating when you say Tom sang out of tune 100% of the times. Tom might have his own flaws, but it's pretty rare seeing him display an "Oh what an amateur" moment. On the other hand, Matt is displaying such moments almost every show at this point and it's getting more difficult to ignore. It almost felt like Mark couldn't even ignore it this time around, he sounded pissed.
  7. Mark did know the lyrics but he repeated some of them as to try and sync with Matt's chords and maybe get the song flowing correctly. Sometimes hearing the lyrics sung can help get that muscle memory going.
  8. God Skiba is such an amateur sometimes... He didn't even figure out why Mark stopped him in the first place when it clearly sounded off. How can you not hear that? Especially being a professional musician and all. Any anyway who needs an effing click to such an easy song? Just follow the voice of the singer. "Ohhhhhhhh, the click! Right! Haha"
  9. I've gotten so bored of Skiba power chording every damn song with a strumming pattern of a teenager in a campfire trying to impress some chick. Give us something new man.
  10. It's more of the way he sings and vocal technique he uses that changed, his talking voice is still similar to his younger voice.
  11. Is it just me or is Matt still struggling with WMAA's intro?
  12. Mark sounded better than I've seen him lately. On the other hand, Matt's voice sounds shut... Again. Mark was superior on this show.
  13. Tom's voice has changed, but his range seems to have stayed the same, even higher since he has (somewhat) learned proper technique. He can still hit those high notes like a boss. On the other hand, Mark's voice does sound more familiar with his older voice, but his range has decreased tremendously. For some reason though he writes songs which require a higher range than blink's old catalog.
  14. You can dislike Untitled all you want but you can't deny the fact that the boys worked their asses off on that album. They really tried to push each others' limits and evolve their sound and it shows, whether you like the final product or not. I miss that kind of creative integrity from the band. I wish I could say the same when listening to Nine, but I really can't shake the feeling that a huge chunk of what I'm hearing wasn't even written by them. At this point the only parts that weren't touched by filthy pop writers hands are Travis's drum takes.
  15. I have to agree with you on this one mate. In no world this album deserves 8+ and I believe that when the professional reviews will be out the album will sit along with Cali in the rankings, if not worse. It's easy to forget that a third of this album consists of 5 of possibly the worst singles blink ever released. This fact alone drops the album below 8. Also, If we compare this to Cali, Nine still suffers from similar flaws Cali had - guitar work isn't impressive, lyrics for the most part are pretty much the same level, Matt and Mark sharing vocal duties to the point it feels too forced
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