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  1. Skiba doesn't seem over the moon about blink anymore but the question is if the enviroment has simply stripped it away from him. Not having real influence on the music, taking lots of shit from the fans etc. Must be tiring
  2. blink with Skiba is better than with Tom.
  3. Been rocking Kenny Hoopla lately - and to be more specific "Silence is also and Answer". Fuck me its good. Reminds me a little of Post Malone
  4. In relation to that stupid New Order-argument heres another one. People in the comments who have an interest in science shoots down Delonges take on something called the double-split experiment. Im way to dumb to care about it but seems like in general he's the type of guy who reads something in an encyclopedia for 4 pages and suddenly thinks he knows everything and makes actual scientists unnesscary. You would think constantly stating something and being called out on it being wrong over time would change how he rolls, but apparently not. Think before you speak your mind goddamit. eeeurghh
  5. Im quite surprised that Delonge still uses phrases like that. I always suspected him to act like this in public to get old blink-fans onto the polished, intergalatic pretentious AvA project. Man is well into his 40's, I think it's a little weird but at least hes not totally fake after all.
  6. WTF. The song already sounded a whole lot like The Knife. But that demo? Must have been scrapped because they knew they would be sued.
  7. If everybody else is announcing tours right now no way Delonge is gonna do it aswell. Guys edgey and f***ing progressive you know. Maybe he'll let the 20-something subscribers know soon, but dont hold your breath.
  8. I was only 6 years at the time, but my older brother would blast it on his stereo all the time. Even though its not my favourite (actually far from it, its in the lower half for me) to me it has a very nostalgic feel to it unlike any of the others. It really is the soundtrack of my teens and high school. Also, I think the production is the best of any blink-album. Those guitars...
  9. EXCACTLY. Its not really a question about the money but innovation and creativity. The Happy Days collab and HISALP is probably the cheapest they've done and still the standouts post Untitled in my mind.
  10. I liked that community thing with Happy Days, and I also thought the videos for HISALP were atleast trying to do something meaningful. But yeah musicvideos have become a weird media to work with in this day and age.
  11. I'll bet we'll soon see an annoucement of an announcement
  12. As someone who think lyrics can make or break a song, I dont think its fair to shit on Happy Days because of the chorus. When you look at it in context of the verses, that I think have some clever lines, I think "I wanna feel happy days" actually hits harder than you would initially think. Its honest in a very "in your face"-kind of way, that shows an longing for.. better days, but only works because of the more subdued lyrical content in the verses. Im not even a huge fan of the song, but the chorus is my favourite thing about it.
  13. Im curios to see if that song will actually end up on the album or just be some sorta stand-alone single. If it fits the record just fine its going to be interesting to listen to the rest of it...
  14. Why would one butcher "his own" band like this LOL
  15. I'd like to hear his view on the release of NINE and what followed after that - not being able to tour it, and they're supposedly recording again. Is a bit overwhelming to potentially going on tour with two albums not being toured before? How does he feel that NINE may be forgotten very quickly due to the pandemic? I'd also like him once and for all to lay down the discussions about whether or not they should have kept blink going after the secound break-up. What was the main reason to not go back to +44 with Travis Barker? Its not something I have heard him talk too much about, and I think it would be good for him to comment on, so people dont just attack and say its about milking the brand. If my questions comes up, I think it may need to be corrected in some places. Im not a native english speaker and I wrote this pretty quickly, so I dont know if it makes any sense haha.
  16. Gotta say I dont get all the all the hate towards Green Day here. American Idiot is an amazing album, and while they haven't released anything near as good since then, I actually enjoyed Father of All.. The shows and the the endless "wohoo" is a drag but it is what it is. Muscially its still solid anyway. I think Armstrong has had his ups and downs but he has as much of an ego as Delonge. In recent years I really, really like Ordinary World
  17. Been blasting a lot of The Horrible Crowes lately. That record is the symbol of fall, rain and darkness to me. Freakin' good
  18. That clip has always been so weird to me.. it sounds like shit but still I connect deeply with it emotionally
  19. The Lonely Astronaut on Christmas Eve actually has a rating of 4.63 on GoodReads. That is not bad or mediocre in any way. I haven't read it but it does sound charming
  20. Does this mean that we so far can conclude that Barker always would get the girl in music videos out of pity???
  21. In some way thats the curse of the new style of Delonge (recent 10 years) in my mind.. He didn't loose his skill to write great songs, but now he just drowns his playing in horrible effects that take away the quality and makes it super artifical
  22. I remember being so stoked for Wishing Well after Delonge played it on his acoustic (was it a stream on ModLife?). A maaajor letdown when I finally heard it. I have never had the urge to listen to it actually.
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