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  1. Hey Speedo, what’s weird is that you’re 40 with wife and kids and spend all day talking shit to strangers on a blink-182 fan site...don’t wanna fight, then don’t talk shit. It’s simple...and you have no clue about fighting, I would have no problem punching your mouth. I guarantee my fist is stronger than your teeth
  2. What a dumb comment. Lol and why would you be honored? You aren’t affiliated with MGK in anyway silly. Just because you have his poster on your ceiling doesn’t mean you get to be claim anything he does.
  3. Lol, na at this point, this account is on my phone, and Faplord is logged in on my work computer. Felt why not give myself a boost 🤣
  4. Whoa bud, we don’t have to love fred durst lol. You almost have a point but there is a huge difference in the two bands’ ethos
  5. Yea like the byo series or whatever. The nofx/rancid split was awesome. You guys should do it
  6. That’s weird bro. Limp Bizkit isn’t popular anymore, you must be fisting your way through the anals of the dark web to find such stories. Why don’t you like Cheshire Cat though?
  7. So you’ve been scouring the internet for videos on Fred Durst and Limp Bizkit? Interesting
  8. Tom is coming back...soon. They talk about playing music together all the time.
  9. I am Scott Raynor’s first girlfriend. He took my virginity when I was 31. Ask me anything
  10. Enema of the State-TOYPAJ all day! This is when they sold out and started making songs for dudes wearing speedos singing All the Small Things
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