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  1. When I filed divorce this last time, I cited reconcilable differences. And when questioned if that was a mistake, I smiled at my ex-wife while she cried in the corner of the office we were in and explained that while I was sure our issues were nothing we or anybody would have any trouble working out I DIDN'T WANT TO BECAUSE SHE SUCKS. Really showed her. It was a win/win too because she also got custody of the kid. Sharing custody would mean more responsibility, which would mean less Weezer shows.
  2. It's not as good as Weezer's ninth album I'll tell you that much. Be so kind as to add that to the poll options please and thank you mauguywhatever.
  3. The only people who should sing anything Weezer at a Weezer show is Weezer.
  4. I got so excited when the announcement officially dropped that I dropped my kid (six month old - she'll live). Wife took her to the ER while I took a time machine back to 1994 with the blue album, baby! So pumped!
  5. Wow, good For Tom Delonj! He's looking muuuuuch better these days (assuming this is recent). Not as handsome as Rivers of course, but still.
  6. I know. Weezer hate is blatantly fake, and I don't find it funny either. It's simply annoying.
  7. Had a real fun idea. What if, instead of what it is now, you use something like this:
  8. I was there, front row. If you listen closely you can hear me booing superbly loud until the second verse kicks in and Rivers, thank God, takes over vocal duties. I remember this girl, must've been ten or eleven, standing next to me asking me to stop booing cause it was rude. What a little bitch.
  9. No offense, but eat a bag of Doritos and choke long enough to die momentarily so that God can look you in the eyes, let you know that it's not your time yet, but because of how absolutely stupid you are for your opinions regarding Weezer's earlier catalogue no matter what good you do for the rest of your life, you will go to hell and swim when it's actually your time.
  10. No, I don't know. What's your problem? Weezer is the greatest rock band of all time. Period, end of discussion. Let me tell you a story. When my daughter was born, she didn't cry or whine or anything. After not even a minute with her, the doctors snatched her away, and one pulled me aside. He let me know that something was wrong, and that the chances of my daughter making it were slim to none. I held my wife's hand, and we prayed. Six hours later, the doctor returned with our daughter, miraculously healthy as a clam. The happiest day of my life was the day that I met Weezer.
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