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  1. So what happens now that he is dead?
  2. Completely irrelevant and off topic, but it's interesting that you label me as a "Trump supporter" when I suggested that all politicians who commit treason should be hanged, despite none of my posts showing any explicit support for Trump. I support politicians (both left and right) when they do good things and I have no problem holding them accountable when they do bad things. Honestly if Trump isn't up for reelection in 2020 I'd probably vote for Tulsi Gabbard or Rand Paul.
  3. The real issue at hand, is the fact that celebrities rarely hold each other accountable for their actions because part of being a celebrity is marrying in to the group think circle jerk. Most celebrities are willing to set aside their ideological / religious / moral beliefs when it comes to earning more money. That's just the way it works.
  4. Is that even real? What a cunt he’s turned in to. He has no reason to be upset about what the franchise turned in to because at the end of the day he sold it to Disney. And he still makes a fuck ton of royalties. [edit] my suspicions were right, it’s fake.
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