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  1. I'm really hoping Matt sings on a high register too, since he nails those live
  2. "Half an hour" without the spaces
  3. i thought she and tom didnt get along? didn't something happen a while ago after the divorce or smth
  4. Thought I'd make one of these threads bc why not So hey y'all, I play in two bands at the moment One's this one that just premiered a pretty pop punk song: And the other's this one that also premiered a song like two days ago lmao Both are in spanish so sorry bout that I guess but lmk if ya dig
  5. im new here but you are retarded
  6. This is as ass as the OG version lmao.
  7. Meh, it's dece but it doesn't have the hook of Rebel Girl or the coolness of Kiss & Tell, this just sound like early AVA.
  8. this song is good gang y'all wrong
  9. This is a genuinely fantastic pop rock song, why the fuck isn't he doing these songs on blink?
  10. The chorus is good, but the entire song is a chore.
  11. I love the pre chorus and chorus of this song so much lmao
  12. Between both, you can make a decent album, but both Cali and DX could've well been two EPs. I doubt people were dying to hear Last Train Home, Wildfire or Long Lost Feeling.
  13. It's not 2017 anymore, we can stop pretending it was a good album.
  14. We're not hearing songs where Matt has to scream unless they finally get over their fear of playing the song half/an entire step down.
  15. I'm down with a Nine tour, but do we really want Nine Deluxe after how unhinged and bad Cali DX was?
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