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  1. This is a genuinely fantastic pop rock song, why the fuck isn't he doing these songs on blink?
  2. The chorus is good, but the entire song is a chore.
  3. I love the pre chorus and chorus of this song so much lmao
  4. Between both, you can make a decent album, but both Cali and DX could've well been two EPs. I doubt people were dying to hear Last Train Home, Wildfire or Long Lost Feeling.
  5. It's not 2017 anymore, we can stop pretending it was a good album.
  6. We're not hearing songs where Matt has to scream unless they finally get over their fear of playing the song half/an entire step down.
  7. I'm down with a Nine tour, but do we really want Nine Deluxe after how unhinged and bad Cali DX was?
  8. Yeah and he co-wrote a few songs for Asian Kung Fu Generation and re-used the melodies from Byzantine lmao. Rivers is so lazy now.
  9. Knives Out is on my top 3 of last year, such a good movie, I'm hoping the franchise will be good.
  10. February has been a pretty busy month because I spent it catching up with the Oscar nominees lmao. Also rewatched Parasite after winning best picture and it still is my favourite of 2019. I also saw a Gundam movie for some reason.
  11. I liked this song, but wouldn't songs like this work better in Simple Creatures? Isn't that like the reason Simple Creatures exists lmao
  12. Never been a big fan of AVA but I'm listening to Love Pt. 1 and it's way better than I imagined.
  13. I started listening to this band because of the blink-155 pod lmao
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