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  1. Can someone tab out unity by operation ivy the ska prt and also the lead guitar riff if you really want you can just do the riff I can figure the ska part out myself but I cant find the riff, you can hear it throught the song no one has that tabbed for some reason and everyone plays that like it doesnt exist
  2. Ok cool ima try dammit on tuesday and report back we wanted to like work on covers so we can just get the gist of playing together first then start writing stuff the songs we’re covering look like this it would just be me and the bassist rn then when the drummer gets a little better he can hop in Carousel International cover up Chick magnet Dammit I wanna be sedated Mutt Touchdown boy
  3. Pretty normal 90s punk shit operation ivy, rancid, pennywise , screeching weasel, green day, descendants, ramones I also like the story so far some of those arent from the 90s but you get the gist also do you have any tips on singing cause ive been trying to practice singing and playing touchdown boy and it’s super fucking hard
  4. Hi so me and my friends started a band my drummers been playing for two months my bassist for 5 months and i have been playing guitar for a year and my other guitarist for a year too, i was wondering what blink songs would be good to cover with two guitars we like Buddha cheshire cat and dude ranch
  5. new poster in the forums, but I just got a ampeg vl502 i've only been playing a year so this is like my second amp and I haven't bought a cab yet but I plan to in the next couple of days this is also my sticker strat replica its pretty beat up though and some of the stickers are in different places cause I thought they looked cooler it's also a squier but i like how it sounds my neck pickup is broken so like literally the bridge pick up only works the middle pickup is super shit sounding too so I usually always just keep it on the bridge pickup the i'm looking forward to playing through ampeg though
  6. I know this has been talked about before but was he using the sticker strat with the dimarzio for the cheshire cat recording or was he using that red strat with single coils for the recording
  7. Does anyone know if blink were friends with the guys from mxpx back in the 90s or what they thought of them from a music stand point snd personal one
  8. thanks man im tryna have my friend to clean it up a bit cause i bought a sticker purchase on etsy and im tryna have someone reprint this out for me to put on my bass
  9. Hi first time poster, i was wondering if someone had a high res image of marks sticker that he had on his stingray bass the big round blink 182 one on his pickguard trying to make a sticker
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