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  1. This might be weird input (so just disregard if it doesn't make sense). I’ve never been in a recording studio, but wouldnt the person that recorded it recommend a guitar with a humbucker in it? Isn't that like the common agreement, that humbuckers handle distortion better? I just feel like they would have lent him one, or he might have just used the white strat.
  2. Wasnt someone saying in like a past discussion that they thought they heard a tele on enema?
  3. Its the volume thing again, im just saving up to send it to lee.
  4. Does anyone know how blink started off. Were they doing like backyard shows? And like what scene were they like performing for? Probably like a question for @daveyjones or someone that like saw them back in the day.
  5. Was very close to selling it, and buying a jubilee.
  6. I literally just come on here for the gear threads, but I got my vl502 back from the tech, it works now lmao.
  7. Yeah its kinda crazy, there’s like none anymore. There’s one on gc for like 600, i think, but thats like it. But i legit got mine cause of this forum, i like found this forum cause i was researching the amp
  8. I’ve been in contact with him, he said hed do the repair and heating issue stuff for like 220
  9. Got the ampe back and it was working fine, had band practice. In the middle of band practice the volume starts getting super low and then high and making a hissing sound. I end up replacing all the pre amp tubes and it’s still doing it. Ima just send the thing to lee jackson.
  10. Ok cool, I was looking into that pedal. I saw that you commented above about that one. I called the tech, he said I should just have to change my preamp tubes
  11. I dont think it should be the pots, i just resoldered my volume pot. And when i play on my bedroom amp it seems fine.
  12. Just got my amp back from another tech. He said it looked good and it was grounded. Was playing it today and the volume is acting weird. The amp keeps getting super loud and super quiet, It’s also like making this super loud hissing sound
  13. Oh yeah sorry, I forgot there was a thread for it already.
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