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  1. maybe id b kool if they made a new live album
  2. this is so odd to watch they look like they are both teens yet one is the legit dad of the other one weird times
  3. lil people did it too, didnt know of that
  4. im not sure about this but i think i remmeber hearing either mark or tom say that usualy(at the time of making take off ur) would record the guitars acoustically first before replacing them with electric guitars and that for went went right, they said that they liked how it sounded with the acoustic guitars and decided to let it b idk if they ever tried drums that song is so beautiful the way it is i like that travis is doing something to help people trough these corona times i agree that his drums dont fit the song at all
  5. not gabe plenty of people do give a shit about copyrights its not lame to release a song with a riff you didn't write yourself, its your personal preference. plenty of songs use sampling and plenty of people like that(see better sweet symphony from the verve) calling it a letter to elise pt.2 doesn't mean automatically it has to be something better or that honours it hilarious that he used toast&banana as its copyright. doesnt have anything to do with the problem you have with this song(yes hes a big blink fan we get that)
  6. hopefully this helps you all out in these hard corona days
  7. oh no, oh no no no they are stealing tom! no no no lol does tom pay u to re-enforce his copyrights? would be a big shame if u did that for him for free, u big copyright enforcement bully its good that Gabe hawking took someone else riff and made something different with it artist do that all the time to varying degree of originality and subtlety in this case since tom never released this officially as a copyrighted song idk that he owns it legally wise lol maybe gabe owns it haha(good for him!) but we’d have to ask proper lawyers about this
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