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  1. what he hasnt left yet? what an edger!
  2. matt culd be come in and out when tom needs 2 go
  3. interesting, even if they can do alot, its still doesnt replace the feel of a natural and real tom
  4. i remmeber when travis had these killer drumsets with 16 tom tom's and hed do that adam song slide on them, now its like four pieces, lazy prob more concern about kissing kardishian, than drum stuff
  5. so gay how they censored tom's tattoo yukk cringe n gay fuck-butternut gay fuck
  6. what an hilarious interview, thx for posting that valiant blink182 historian
  7. bwahahah, i never realised that the reason there was small people in that all the small things peformence was because of the song being all the small things ahahhah id just think why r all these nimblets running around
  8. it was annoying how they had to put mark on every single songs, they didnt do that when tom was around(before they did cali)
  9. ah could of been sooo much better... (wtf a fan made a better version than the band's offcial version)
  10. raise ur pink blink fanboy glasse if u like this blink old classic
  11. glad this got released, fun watch for me, but this is clearly not good enough for a commercial release and is the reason as i was expecting it never got released officialy, as its often the case with things that are delayed like that now that its easier 2 dump thins like that they should release more stuff llike that, its fun ppl like it
  12. maybe he just felt it was easier 2 say self titled then trying to explain to ppl the concept that they chosed 2 not name the album
  13. the prospect of it being a terrible record is def in the cards, blink has released great records after records they are overdue for a slip, what if tom has said what he had to say musicaly wise with blink? what if edging is a first symptom of that?
  14. yes the internet as taken alot of kool stuff away
  15. yes its a great song, it has a killer bridge calie4nia was a great record with a real deep vibe 2 it good stuff
  16. lol anther version, one version was enouh
  17. this song is quite the odd case, it has the quality that songs have when its blink with tom its fresh and modern and fitting of the now and rather perfect for a comeback song the "they gonna hang me quick when im back from the dead" part that tom signs is great but then it gets into that corny(we couldnt come up with anything better) part before the chorus and then goes into that cringe "all time low" type of song chorus
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