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  1. 1. Neighborhoods 2. Dogs 3. NINE 4. Cali 5. Deluxe
  2. Where’d you hear about DR not being to a click? @Ry-Breadthats wild!
  3. I got the CD single back in the day and can confirm my copies b side is Don’t Tell Me It’s Over. Retconned!
  4. For any Offspring fans here my friend and I did this the other day. Had a lot of fun coming up with the guitar arrangement!
  5. First Time and Ransom still find their way into my playlists and I’ll occasionally spin the whole album but I listen to enema-neighborhoods way more
  6. I recently saw Mark acknowledge the idea of blink working with Bill Stevenson in reference to someone asking on Twitch. I’m listening to Alk3’s My Shame Is True for the first time in years and hot damn would it be so rad to hear what Bill, Mark, Skiba and Travis could do together. Imagine 12 mature melodic goth pop punk songs, get Milo to feature on a track and you’ve got the coolest fucking album ever. Just wanted to share my stoned day dream with y’all :’)
  7. Absolute pleasure working with you my dude! Thank you for trusting me with your song. For anyone curious it's my first official production/mix so go easy on me! If you dig it and want to hear more in the future (currently producing another solo pop punk dude and a chill acoustic girl - as well as my own original blink inspired songs) follow me on instagram @the_light_fandango_ If anyone has any general production / mix / music questions feel free to ask!
  8. @Ry-Bread Is that a whole ass back piece? Crazy and rad haha I love it
  9. Randomly found this on YouTube while searching “Jerry Finn”. Super interesting insight into his signal chain for any other gear/studio nerds!
  10. Not necessarily, there are plugins in pro tools or whatever DAW that allow for both pitch and time adjustment without changing the tonality/quality. I’m pretty sure that’s what they did with the Darkside backing track that has the down tuned guitar/backing vocals. With that plugin they could also do what Chris Holmes talked about on Ry’s podcast (he mentioned live 155 by +44 might be 160bpm some nights if they felt like they wanted the extra energy, he was their live backing track guy on tour). all in all would love for them to tune down a half step and speed everything up 5bpm, that way they can still play to tracks and their sync’d programmed light show just with a little more speed and less vocal fatigue
  11. Late to this but I’d rank their records: 1. Commit This To Memory 2. Even If It Kills Me 3. My Dinosaur Life 4. Go 5. I Am The Movie 6. Panic Stations If people haven’t heard their Making Moves 7” (only on YouTube) the song Severance from it might be one of their best. I have an unconditional love for this band, Justin’s lyrics have gotten me though some of my darkest times.
  12. Only on Darkside, they go down a semitone to Eb. They used to, pre break up/backing tracks play Adam’s Song a semitone down from the album too. Like Davey said they need to play a majority of the set down a semi tone. Leave some songs like I Miss You in standard tuning cause Mark couldn’t sing it comfortably any lower.
  13. I understand and agree, I should have said if that were the big come back single instead of Up All Night I think hype would have been even crazier. I specifically am saying if it had more Tom and a real music video haha
  14. Always thought if HAG had Tom on guitar and split vocals like the live version with a real music video could have been one of the best releases of blink’s career
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