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  1. I agree, but it’s just confusing bc from the outside, it does seem like they got separated to be with each other. 😕 so many shades of gray though, I suppose. One thing that makes me think Tom is a decent guy overall, is that his daughter hasn’t disowned him. She knows what happened, and she’s not cool with it, but she still appears to like him/not be freezing him out. Which I guess says something good about the kind of dad he was/is.
  2. Oh this is a good one. Thank you!
  3. No worries! (Thought I had responded to this already, lol)
  4. What/where is this? Curious
  5. Not that it changes your point imo, but they weren’t high school sweethearts— Tom was 20-21 when they got together (1996). Still very young though.
  6. Yeah, I’m guessing the song wasn’t autobiographical.
  7. Umm, this is...a stretch. I’m not sure if you’re joking, but lots of traditional women’s names in the US rhyme with Marie, so yes it could be a coincidence. Plus, Sherrie is a known, common enough middle-aged woman name in the US. Not a “made up to cover up the real name” type name like Lorene (which is technically a real name, but sounds made up to me as an American).
  8. One thing I’m kind of confused about: can’t he put the album out now (or ASAP) and tour it next year? Idk how this stuff works necessarily, so I might be missing something, but lots of albums are coming out now...
  9. Haha, I’m with you. (And yeah, for the album)
  10. Tom on his IG live just now: “because of the pandemic, there’s not a rush so I’ll probably write another 2-3 songs” 🥴
  11. https://www.altpress.com/features/exclusive_interview_blink_182s_tom_delonge_on_beating_cancer_dj_am_and_danc/ here’s an interview from 2011 that I found about his skin cancer. He does say he has a “massive” scar on his chest. FWIW (It’s been less than 20 years though, maybe like 12-15 at the most (too lazy to look it up, but I know hes been shirtless since he was 30 at least))
  12. I actually mostly agree with you. Scott served his purpose, and sure, he was mediocre (maybe he was competent, but I don’t put him on any pedestal). The reason I crabbed your earlier post was bc you said a 5 year old (who isn’t a musical prodigy, I assume) could do what he did, which seemed a bit over the top, lol
  13. Yeah good question. I think it’s... a good-natured ribbing? I’d like to think anyway. Or maybe just an excuse to bring up Tom, like you said.
  14. From Mark’s IG story:
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