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  1. Yeah he stammered a lot in general, not just about AVA. But I agree, if Tom had a gun to his head or he felt like he did, he wouldn’t have said some of the things he said.
  2. It was just blink I’m pretty sure, not AVA. I remember there was a video or something with someone trying to make an educated guess as to what his catalog would have sold for. Maybe l can find it. But I remember Offspring sold their catalog for I think 30 million... also apparently after... 30 years? You get the rights back.
  3. I didn’t by the way, lol, but I agree. He’s obviously more broke than he theoretically could have been. But he’s still loaded beyond belief when compared to a “regular” person.
  4. I agree... and I think because we’ve seen Tom seemingly throw millions at TTS over the past few years, I at least was low-key bracing myself for him to keep doing that until he was in a hole. But it looks like he’s thankfully had the decent judgment to stop short of that. Also the fact that TTS was/is running a deficit doesn’t mean HE’s in debt, as some people seemed to have interpreted it. It just means he was spending his own money on it. And he had money to spare so why not.
  5. The thought did cross my mind...
  6. Yeah... Just didn’t expect he’d sell this particular place, you know? It just seemed like he enjoyed going to the mountains. Maybe he’s gotten another place in the area...
  7. I know, and I was wondering about that, because the architect they mention isnt Tom’s grandfather, “Jack”. He may have meant that his grandfather physically built the place but he had an architect design or help design it. but I’m also surprised he’d get rid of it. Maybe it has like, weird/bad memories? Or he wants the money. He’s selling it with all the furniture in it. 🤔
  8. Tom’s selling his cabin (!?) sorry if this is weird but I came across this on IG
  9. She has a boyfriend. She posted a “happy valentines to this babe ❤️ ” with a picture of the back of this dude, to her stories on Valentine’s Day. She also posted stories with the same guy related to thanksgiving, cutting down a Xmas tree with Jonas, and tagging him in a bunch of her posts about her ranch.
  10. Are we talking about the IG where he said “when you go on tour and she only knows you as a guy that “used” to play music”? (I just checked to make sure I remembered the wording) Or something else? Because that says nothing about whether she knew him or knew of him prior to the relationship, bc it’s in present tense. So it’s about what she thinks/thought while already IN the relationship. He’s saying “in her mind, music is something I used to do”, as in, it’s not his main passion or priority anymore.
  11. I’m not sure if I agree Tom was stupid to do what he did with his career, I don’t really know enough and it depends on what his priorities are, but for some reason I get the same feeling about the Jen thing. this is of course pure speculation, but my guess is he and Jen were having issues, maybe he felt taken for granted, and meanwhile here’s this lady throwing herself at him and making him feel special, and he got caught up. I mean, we don’t know Marie, I’m sure she is kind and interesting and that they are into each other. But I do get a gold digger vibe, idk. I just get the sense that
  12. That’s fair and like, I understand seeing those behaviors and wondering if he’s on something. What I don’t get is this attitude I see a lot in comment sections that’s like, “of COURSE he’s snorting something, and if you think it’s something else you’re a naive moron” and then just running with that knee-jerk hunch of a conclusion and acting like it’s proof when it isn’t.
  13. Honestly I don’t get why people think sniffling is a smoking gun of cocaine use. Sure, people sniff sometimes while on coke (although it’s not that hard not to) but also for tons of other reasons so it’s strange that people see it as hard proof
  14. Of course I don’t know either, but, “schizophrenic” is a word that is used casually a lot (by some people) to mean “all over the place” or like, a walking contradiction, type thing. And Tom has a history of using words liberally. So I don’t think he meant anything by it. Idk, this is how rumors get started. Because now if he does address it and say I didn’t mean it that way, people won’t believe him, lol. It’s like if someone says “I’m so bipolar today!” It doesn’t mean they’re announcing they’re bipolar. Tom probably thinks it’s obvious that he’s not announcing he has a devastating mental ill
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