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  1. Ok. But didnt you have the non watermarked ones and 1st gen masters on an external hdd
  2. Hey, this is a bump and all. but will you ever share these vhs masters of shows you have @daveyjones. They seem cool
  3. New? date to add: Nov 9 2003, the band perform at irving plaza in New York. It was the dollar bill show and it was at 7pm
  4. This reel to reel went on sale in 2010 for $450 and i was wandering who bought it and what they did with it. It looks to be a great show and is soundboard. Any details appreaceated. Thanks.
  5. Excellent. This is a good year for new media. Addition of date to add: 3.4.1999? The band perform at the offshore festival in austrailia. This had the 1st play of wmaa, atst and loads more.
  6. 1.10.1997 (10.1.1997 to others: the band performs at Rochester, New York as part of the less that Jake "race around uranus tour" I was wandering if anyone had any ticket stubs or images from this show. The show was broadcast on Modern Rock live (radio) with a few interviews. However it was missing a few songs. There was an audience version and the radio version,
  7. Interesting that spokane show. I wonder if anyone has the full poster cause it appears to be cropped. Very few people have the aduio. Theres a few images that Ill try and share a bit later. Edit; also yes indeed it was at 5pm. I didnt go but I saw a website that had tons of show ticket prices and times from the poopoopeepee tour.
  8. There used to be a link to it here but that since has gone. Does anyone have this audio anywhere. Also, sorry for posting this in the wrong place if it is. Im not on here often. Admins or that feel free to move it.
  9. Hello. Im just wandering if you have the spoakne 1998 audio seeming as the link is down.

    1. Hail Satan

      Hail Satan

      Thomas hasn't logged on to this site since 2015.

    2. loserkidsrabbit


      I know. i was just hoping hed open his email and see a notification. Although he would of got shittons of notifications over 5 years so would see it.


  10. Where was the source image for that cassette
  11. Ok. Sorry about that. i was tired when i posted.
  12. Amazing stuff. just wandering. Where do you get theses photos.
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