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    Mark Hoppus` garage in his san diego home.
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  1. Very nice fine, it s a shame that the audio has an abundance of (Hifi?) buzz
  2. Ah yes, I saw this on the 24th and was so excited. I overslept and missed the premiere. The audio, im fairly sure, is soundboard and the video is from a hi8 master.
  3. This day in 1997. The band perform at the Walter Music Hall in Rochester new York!
  4. This day in 1999! 9th September 1999: The band perform at the Metropolitan Opera for the mtv video awards!
  5. Oh ok. i hope some day it surfaces. Im still looking for the first performance of pathetic. (The first recoded is 8/2/1997 MESA)
  6. Thank you. I hope someway there's contact with this guy. Id fucking kill to see this. It might be the first recorded play of pathetic!
  7. Thats cool. Ill always prefer the TD les paul but that strat is 👌
  8. This Day 23 years ago 26-5-1998 The band perform at gold coast Found Review for blink-182 reading 2003 The Reading festival is the first festival I've ever been to and it was brilliant. Blink 182 were amazing and i had a fantastic time - I'd definitely go back and I'd definitely recommend it to people. If I have anything negative to say its that £4 for 3 bottles of water and £5 for 2 99 ice-creams seems a bit too expensive when the entrance fee costs £40 or £96. Lucy, england http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/3047269.stm
  9. I might be able to get the radio broadcast for blink in reading 97 and 2000. I could email Radio 1
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