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  1. Shit! It logged me out?! Well, i was commenting on the Dysentery Gary comparisons of Tom to Matt, and i couldnt recall seeing either! I then remembered the Enema Tour with Skiba, though probably...meh, ok, maybe i did see/hear. I can "hear" Skiba singing the "gotta lot a heartache" bit... But Tom live? Hmm. I need to look into this ASAP! Cuz i can't recall... suppose it's on the MarkTomTravisShow...was it? 🤔
  2. Maybe they'll be featured on the Blink EP?? Heck! Maybe even a collab with Mark too! Oh, this is just wishful thinking. I haven't heard anything.
  3. Speaking of L)ve... l love these sessions! 😊
  4. Ok, I had something I wanted to share the other day, but I can't think of it now-of course! But, on the MGK album-I feel it was a great effort! Still, there are several "meh" moments. I think it just made it worse when someone compared the talking tracks to Tom and Mark banter. I was like, um hell no!! I think the singles are still some of the best parts. I forget which other/s I liked now... I will say, I thought "Kiss Kiss the Bottle" was quite annoying. 😕
  5. I'm glad you like yours @Ry-Bread! It was sad reading all the complaints. I didn't bother to get one (or may not have even known soon enough), but I still hope for the best for the fans who pay all that money, as well as Tom, who I support ("emotionally" or "spiritually", if not financially all the time. lol). awe, @Ghent! Still, you have a one of a kind tho!
  6. I feel like as a whole it's not going to be one I listen to as much as others, but I've played a lot of those I'd mentioned a lot of times.
  7. Happy anniversary, Nine! What are y'alls favorites, if you listen to this album?? First heard and loved Pin the Grenade, but ever since I heard @Ry-Bread's review of No Heart and I heard it, it's been my favorite. Also like Black Rain, I Really Wish I Hated You, darkside, Hungover You...
  8. I did my review on Discord, I think. Basically, I like most of these. Shut Up has really grown on me. I'm thinking there is one CA song on there that's just meh, but I liked the other one/s. The Longest Line I can't remember well?? And how can you not LOVE the TOYPAJ bonus songs?! And Untitled always wins...those are underappreciated songs, even for me I'll admit, but still great. Strings though, meh. I love the lyrics, but I dunno. Interest fluctuates. What did I miss? Pin the Grenade was my first Nine song and I've always liked that one! ?? Well...back to Plus 44 and AVA now.
  9. Soo, I finally heard the No It Isn't version with Carol and no offense, but I don't feel it's a loss she wasn't on the record in that song. Not really too different. But man do I love the song! Found this today too! Lol Wonder what Mark said about Skye?? Lol j/k I don't want to know. Heheh Maaan! Such a baby here though! Was this also his beard phase? I mean, kinda looks like some mustache stubble in this vid, no??
  10. Ohhh! Thanks! I still have to watch that! Been catching up more on the L)ve albums again anyway. Maybe...soon.
  11. Oh...well, I guess it's not "right now". And so it's when its like several artists. I dunno! Can I share a bunch of artists in the other thread??
  12. Lol So well, I guess I'm getting Nine now. Also ordered DED CD from Amazon. And yes, I was told the profits do get shared with the band too, even if it's an Amazon sell. unfortunately, I gotta wait until beginning of October for them to get here apparently. Sigh! And then either in November or December, I'll hopefully be getting Chesire Cat, another AVA album and either California Deluxe or Neighborhoods, or maybe both! (Yea, birthday and Christmas gifts, I hope!...unless maybe the new Blink or AVA records??!! Guys, ya gonna get it together by then?? Specifically you, Tom??
  13. So, thought I'd just create this, even if one already exists, this could be like my personal music diary. Feel free to add who your listening to though! Well, since I just thought of this, my first post is going to be what I played yesterday. Dug up some music from these artists Limp Bizkit-from Sig Other and Chocolate Starfish Linkin Park-from Reannimation Sugarcult- Pretty Girl album (pretty little gurl. Lol j/k) Switchfoot- does anyone else think AVA is a bit like Dare You To Move? And some pop artists from the Now 4 album. Mandy Moore, Jennifer Lopez, and who
  14. Oh cool thread! I'm always randomly thinking of songs. Unfortunately, now I'm just thinking about Teenage Dirtbag, but there's already a dedicated thread for that. Lol Let me think what was most recent...oh, well, I suppose I could mention...but wait, what song was that again? Lol It's the Linkin Park Reanimation version of ___ and I literally just heard Jonathan Davis in it for the first time... Oh, no wait! It was a Limp Bizkit song! Umm...yes, Nobody Likes You. I've heard that song many times, and I always knew of the collab Fred did with Korn, but for some reason, this was new to
  15. Lol @daveyjones sounds like me and my black hole of music. Except 94 was about the year I STARTED the radio and 99 when we had MTv/cable again for a brief period. My black hole is from like 2005 to 2015...but even then, I don't listen to the radio much now or do much new stuff. It's usually just offshoots of old groups or just happenstance/someone I care enough about is really insisting I listen lol But I definitely know Teenage Dirtbag! It was this and Dammit among others on the first ever mix CD I had. Haven't listened to the new version yet though. God, 20 years though. F! I mean, the
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