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  1. "Don't pick it up " by Offspring is fantastic!! I don't remember liking it so much back in the day. Hmm lol Funny how taste changes.
  2. Love me some Hoobastank! Now I'm listening to a combo of these albums. Couldn't find the Fastball one (could not remember the band or the album lol), so I started Ixnay.
  3. well, I suppose this is originally by @jlx9 ... I watched that yesterday, and while I don't know Skiba or how he usually is, as an outside perspective, he didn't seem off to me (here anyway). I mean, maybe a tad overenthused smiling at the beginning, but that could have also just meant interest. Obviously, he doesn't say a word (or get a chance to. I blame the interviewer), but I just guess that's how it is?? It really is sad to see the missing Mark+Tom dynamic of the earlier days though. I mean, but even Tom was kinda left out in some of the later interviews (or at least one.) edit: oh wait! I only watched the first one. is he even more "weird" in the second?? i dunno
  4. Sorry the pic is blurry of Mark. :( Think I just clicked at the wrong place in the vid, maybe?? And more Tom, after all, it was his song (All the Small Things), and I swear I didn't do the recording. :P
  5. kicking myself right now for missing out on this tour!! I went and saw Linkin Park, The Used and Korn (ProRev) that summer. Great show! But i can't believe I didn't know about Blink's tour + No Doubt!! (I got both Untitled and ND's The Singles pretty close to that time...guess just a tad too late though. Grr!)
  6. ok, trying this again. edited the pics and now maybe I just have to do them one by one?? or maybe I can only post 1 a day?? lol I have no idea!!
  7. I skipped over this before, but did take a listen to the tribute album. Unfortunately, I didn't like most, but a few were listenable...forget which ones now though Alright, back to sleep for me!
  8. Hey folks! So, I hope this is ok. I found a video on YT of the concert I went to back in 2001. But I want to just show the screenshots I captured, because I don't really feel comfortable sharing my location information. (not that I necessarily live where I go to concerts, but still). If not ok, I understand this needing to be removed, but I hope I don't get penalized for it or rather, I just hope it's ok. Ok, so here is 2001 Blink 182 playing "All The Small Things". I remember Tom being sloppy like at that show, but he actually looks and sounds good in this clip! hmm, that's the only one it's letting me post atm.
  9. Yeah, I gotta weigh in here too. Not only must it be difficult having to change your life around dramatically like that, there are kids involved too. I mean, I can't remember their ages, but pretty sure they are still living with parents, so arrangements need to be made there. Plus all of the emotional stress! And likely there were or might even still be financial things going on. Therapy even? I dunno. While I get that I was a bit shocked to hear he already had a girlfriend, that doesn't make the divorce any less of a time disruptor. Plus, if he actually was with the girlfriend already for like 2 years, then it's not exactly super new to take up his time really. I mean, sure, he'll spend is time there, but it likely isn't all consuming or even a distraction from his work! I dunno. I am itching for a new record too, but I can respect his struggles...and then of course, there is the Covid bs! So yea, i distract myself with this now. Lol But i can't watch the docuseries, so I'd prefer to have music out too.
  10. Oh, and today's morning earworm. I only heard this song and saw this video recently, so its even more powerful to me, given that things have changed so dramatically since then. All of the old clips...I'm practically crying. So many wonderful memories!! I can't let myself be one to whine about Tom not being in the band now, because it all happened for a reason, but I will allow myself to mourn the loss of the "good old days". I thought the first "split" in 2002 was hard! I can't imagine how y'all must've felt in 2011 (?) (14?) whenever that big one was. Sigh! God! Even that thumbnail!...ok, I'm not crying. You're crying! Heh
  11. Actually, thongrider's post (quoted below) reminded me these were for cassettes originally. I was referring to my discman called "Walkman" and i got it later in life, like 2010 or something. So I actually use it on and off now regularly. I just prefer the mp3 because its easier to carry around. Don't think I ever actually had the original Walkman, but I had generic tape recorders and generic boom boxes to record songs off the radio and then carry the cassettes around on the hand helds. Last I used the cassette hand held was around 2007. Don't even have it anymore now! Lol
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