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  1. How many tracks are better than the ones they released?
  2. I just noticed that they changed the song credits since it was released. Some of the songs weren’t credited to all three members along with the 5 other guys, but now they are, and other songs that had more credits are just the band and Feldman. I remember On Some Emo Shit was the only song credited just to the three guys, but now Feldman is credited too. Are producers just going to be credited as writers from now on, or did they really let him contribute that much? I’ll still never understand how their first album is nominated for a Grammy and is actually pretty fucking good (even if it’s just good compared to nine for some) but then they decided to not even write their own songs.
  3. I’ll pop “First Time” on now and again Because it has that opening song energy, and Matt has a pretty legitimate verse. Also dig “On Some Emo Shit” cause it kind of has that blink-crossed-with-AK3 sound, Matt’s chorus is catchy. Marks lyrics are pretty bleh on it though.
  4. I dunno. I think his 90’s blink sound is pretty straight on. Sounds like Cheshire Cat to me.
  5. I’m sure Matt does everything his contract allows him to do.
  6. There’s a kid on YouTube, and I can’t ever remember the username, just get lucky and they pop up occasionally. He re-works new blink songs as if they were written by heyday blink. I think he also does it with AVA and +44 songs. He has a whole bunch that are spot on gold.
  7. So I thought for whatever reason that the TD 333 Epiphone came with Grover locking tuners stock. After a couple of weeks with my new one, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Does anyone know if the Grover locking tuners are a perfect fit for replacing? I don’t want to make any new holes. Just a simple swap out. Edit: it currently is equipped with the Grover die-cast tuners (non-locking). Playing it at least an hour a day for two weeks and it’s still going out of tune at an alarming rate (that’s why I assume they’re standard and not locking tuners).
  8. Blink is notorious for not rehearsing/practicing at all. I think he does a great job of pretending to like it. I think a lot of the poor sound (which I hear from YouTube viewers and not so much from people at the shows) is due to the fact that he’s turned down so much and trying to play along with a backing track. A backing track doesn’t go slightly out of tune as the song goes, and god forbid you make a split second mistake with a backing track playing. That’s what makes it sound so bad. When I saw them, I thought he sounded pretty good both times, but there were definitely muddy areas. We probably wouldn’t even notice little mistakes if there wasn’t a perfect backing track through the PA the whole time. Put most bands live performances layered on top of their recording and they’ll sound like shit. He still sounds good with Trio, so again the blame has to go back to whoever is in charge.
  9. That’s what I’m saying. Boring. Not bumping that in the car or pogo-ing in a crowd. I called it flat, but maybe boring is the better way to say it.
  10. Does anyone know of any up and coming pop punk bands? Or are we just expecting MGK’s influence to make it so in the near future?
  11. So how is everyone going to feel when Matt’s out and MGK is in? 😂
  12. I’m just referring to the preamble. If I thought he actually sounded anything like early BN I’d be on here arguing the other side. Hahaha.
  13. Well he’s never been much of a stage presence. I’ve seen AK3 about 49 times since 2000, and he’s always just stood there. He’s actually a lot more active with blink than he ever has been with AK3, even if that isn’t saying much. The real problem is that we all want Tom and we won’t be happy until we get him.
  14. I know it’s easier to blame Matt than our beloved blink for the quality of their work, but if you look at who actually wrote the songs, you’ve gotta blame whoever is in charge. That would be Mark and Travis. Maybe Feldman to a degree.
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