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  1. Thanks i was in the forum but I lost the credentials completely and also the email was linked to! 😂 long story! 😛
  2. Trust me guys also translated will be a pain in the...... To Read and interpretate it. I knew some of the people that were running that page in the past.... Shame ended up like that! 🤦🏻‍♂️
  3. Exactly, I'm in his discord as well and I noticed that! I talked with him recently only about pokemon go and I didn't want bother him with blink stuff. Pretty sure is not his only intent to interact with fan regarding b182 but enjoy also videogames! Agree 100% with you 👌🏻
  4. The fact that they wrote a Loooong newsletter to their fb page followers where it seems that is Mark's fault and they have been defamated made me laugh. Pointing at Jake as a Demon. I don't blame Mark and his staff if they got mad to the Italian fan page that like a vampires repost badly everything has been posted or said by Mark on his personal discord. Making an u turn and try to apologise badly in public to Mark, but writing in the news letter how badly they have been threatened by Mark staff and waiting a reply from him. B182 Italia staff if you read this message.. Start to be more conscio
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