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  1. Now all we need is Flyswatter, Demo#2 & Buddha in mp3 320 kbps decent rip
  2. @daveyjones, do you have that comp where waggy is? can you rip that song alone with eac? It sucks to pay 10$ in shipping just for one song I think Zulu & Lemmings sound better on the Cheshire Cat CD than the Wasting time & Dick Lips EPs. Not the same transfer/master And prefer Wrecked HIm on Dick Lips over the Wasting Time version (again, they sound different) Maybe you can tell me why, I'm talking just based on my ears
  3. Thank you so much!!! Blink182online should upload this on its youtube page (dont know if it already has it) and mention the people involved in this rip. My favourite era of blink is 1996 when Tom made that catchy guitar riffs. I wish we had a good CD quality songs from that era (like Zulu & Lemmings as bonus tracks of the japanese Cheshire Cat edition, or Wrecked Him from the Wasting Time EP). This is the closest we will have from most of the songs from that era.
  4. So, where is the link for those mp3s
  5. If the main reason with all those tapes is not sharing them in lossless format to prevent bootlegs (I can understand that), why not just rip it to flac or wav and then convert it to 320 kbps mp3 with lame and share the mp3.
  6. Would you transform that quality flac to mp3 320 kbps and share though? ^^ I think it's more important to have a good equipment to rip the cassette than if it's flac or mp3. Don't think there's a difference in sound at all between lossy and lossless with hose demos. As I understand the Buddha promo tape you will rip it as quality flac you wont share it neither? I would be ok with a good sounding 320 mp3 kbps though if someone has it. I only have 128 kbps mp3s of all this cassette releases
  7. Davey, I think I read somewhere that a quality flac rip of the demo 2 is avaible already. Is it true?
  8. Hello all! Just curious, what equipment you use to rip the cassette to flac? @daveyjones
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