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  1. Theres only one album that beats dude ranch IMO... an imaginary album with: Wrecked Him, Zulu, Dancing With Myself, Good Times, Dead Man's Curve, Original Mutt, I wont be home for xmas, Family Reunion and that 94' first version of Voyeur
  2. Dude Ranch changed my life musically speaking and the Urethra Chronicles dvd changed my personality Both for the worst.
  3. what are the chances (%) of blink fans crowdfunding a "dude ranch only" youtube show with scott, mark and tom? Like MxPx has been doing in their channel? haha Zero% or 1%?
  4. Fist bump? Nah... Cant touch it while corona is around, right? WhatsApp Video 2021-06-06 at 12.19.33 PM.mp4
  5. haha Fuck Tom, Marry Mark, Kill Travis ....Then I call Scott and say: "I want to introduce you to a person that I fucked before I got married. You are going to love this double date, dude. You two + me and my husband. Come". Then once we are all together I put my gun in the tabble and say: "One week, 12 songs. Go".
  6. "I dont want to be 30 and still in a punk rock band. That seems kind of scary for me" hahahah Good.
  7. hahaha I did! But it was worth. I remember waiting a few minutes to see a fake picture of Cristina Aguillera's tits haha My first fap on the internet. Never found this pic again. Great times
  8. Hey, is there a way for me to have all enema's vocal tracks only? I know on youtube theres adam song and atst but I want all songs. Does someone knows something? Thaanks
  9. Man Overboard and WMAA are out?? Ah cmooooon
  10. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Same here! I remember 'fighting' with an entire forum about how that "barbie girl cover" was NOT by mxpx hahaha
  11. Cool! The first Unwritten Law song I listened was "california sky" because on napster it was named "California Sky feat Tom Delonge" ahahha
  12. https://www.reddit.com/r/Music/comments/128111/blink_182_josie/c6t0khg/ WTF?? This is all new to me (this is right above last guy's link)
  13. WOW!! I have never heard that! Its amazing. haha If I had the proper equipament i'd love to do a full "enema of the state from epitaph with scott" version haha Maybe some day
  14. They did that with ALWAYS too... Its cool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-80lgzh6S8
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