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  1. Thanks! Once I get my negative scanner up and running, I’ll get a much better quality uploaded.
  2. Here are the photos that I have from the show at the Huntridge Theater in Las Vegas on December 8th, 1994. I can confirm this because my senior high, winter formal dance is on the same roll of film negatives, and it was on the 10th of December. This is the show that I purchased the cassette. https://imgur.com/a/LiHlKoH
  3. The tape was purchased in person, at the show so I wouldn't say that the inserts are fake. This show was in 1994 or 1995, the same year that the cassette was released. It may be hard to tell due to the lighting in my kitchen, but the insert does have a purple hue and does not have any lines like you'd say were from a copy. Dare I say that maybe your insert may be a second generation as your tape was acquired in 1997? Your scan of the insert from your cassette looks very saturated while this one is a subtle purple/violet color. If you'd like a scan of the insert next to a color wheel, I'd be happy to show you what I'm talking about. Again, this was purchased right from the hands of the band, and has been sitting in a box for decades, forgotten about, without much play. I don't remember the show date, but it was the Huntridge Theater in Las Vegas, I shot photos of the show and will dig them up. I know that a couple of my friends that were there with me also purchased a tape so I'll see if they still have them.
  4. If I were to rip my tape via audacity, what are the best/correct settings to use? I understand how to get it from cassette player to audacity but I don't know what the best settings would be to get a great recording as they usually don't sound too good when I've done this with other, old cassettes.
  5. Mine has the white line on the insert and it's an original from the band selling at the show back in 94.
  6. Here are the photos of my cassette and insert. https://imgur.com/a/b0Va9yR
  7. Ugh, I can't figure out how to get photos on here. My iPhone shoots them much too large, and I haven't used a hosting service in many years.
  8. I really had no idea of how collectible this cassette would be but I’ve kept it since the day I bought it, and it’s mostly been hanging around in a box all of these years. I dug up an old, rare sublime cassette, and in my search found this too, it’s the black with white letters version. I bought this right from the hands of the band selling them and have kept it ever since. I also have photos from the show that I took. Blink was the opening band, and Unwritten Law was the headliner. Cool reading all of the history here. I can post pics of the cassette if anyone is interested.
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