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  1. what songs do you guys think would really suit Matt's voice? Off the top of my head: Dick Lips Dogs Eating Dogs I Miss You Carousel All Of This
  2. i don't see that much wrong with that playlist.
  3. tom is in ny for some sort of poet movie thing.
  4. such a bummer. I will be following this case very closely hoping for the best.
  5. http://idobi.com/news/2014/03/steve-klein-felony-arraignment/
  6. tom can be really funny but I've seen him fail really hard at making jokes on stage way more often then i have seen mark.
  7. that guy in the video reminds me of paul rudd.
  8. this was awesome. I'm pretty sure the album leaked about a week early as part of MTV's the leak.
  9. isn't hot topic doing a rerelease soon?
  10. im not sure a new plus 44 album would be that great to be honest. mark just doesn't seem hungry/angsty enough to pull it off anymore.
  11. to be fair it originally was hide out.
  12. im stoked but it sucks that the most important reason for them having a label is for someone forcing them to work.
  13. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqqHI_8uaBs remember this?
  14. where did you see this? and a punk rock blink record would suck at this point. tom would phone it in so hard.
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