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  1. has anyone seen this video on youtube that lives in the UK? being in the US i cant find a way to watch it. it says its not available in this country.. why bands do this i have no clue.. just wondered if its a cool video or if im not missing anything. Im not asking for a download link or a rip but if someone could let me know if they find a US watchable stream please post. thanks
  2. If Tom and Travis were 100% commited to putting all there other endevours on hold and said to Mark lets get locked in the studio and write for 6 months and then record with a real producer.. I garruntee Mark would get a rental residence in California so he would have a place to stay and for his family to be. That's if Tom and Travis said were all in 100% lets do blink. Until that happens there will always be uncertainty and Mark can stay in London. If they really wanted to blink to be the priority it would be happening. Hopefully at some point a serious talk will go down and they continue on or just end it for good. Greatest hit tours and dumb holiday t-shirts are just real stale now.
  3. That is fucking embarrassing to watch. He sounds like a dying dog or like he's had a god damn stroke.
  4. So... Now that NIN is back.. for the whole year and into 2014 with Ilan, wonder what Tom has planned.. http://m.pitchfork.com/news/49681-trent-reznor-announces-the-return-of-nine-inch-nails-extensive-touring-for-2013-and-2014/
  5. I think it's there best song since self titled also.
  6. well while we are waiting... I found my master MD's from the shows i recorded when i was younger and released through blinkRebels of BCR - Gainesville FL the show that when i ripped it had the 2 second pauses between each song, also the 3 blink shows from 2004, Atlanta, Orlando, West Palm.. instead of those old shitty 192 rips, i can rip full wav files unedited if anyone is intrested.
  7. she fb msg me saying its shoiwing "buy now" and if it were korn she would get it. so maybe ur right and she just sees a preorder. but fuck if it were new korn we would have it.. garbage.
  8. its out for sure in Australia. have a friend who verified its available for download on iTunes but shes not a blink fan..... blah...
  9. I really like AVA and I'm in the minority where I think from best to worst is love 1, love 2, I-empire, wdntw... And this is stomping bull shit. I cringe hearing the remix's. hopefully if and when they do a full length it's a combo of the best emements of all 4 albums combined.
  10. maybe Critter was the first member not the fifth? He would have stomped the brake pedal on this being released.
  11. 1. Inertia (best song on the album IMO should have been on Neighborhoods) 2. One Last Thing 3. The Revelator
  12. wonder if we will get a real explanation of why Atom left.. the truth...
  13. EXACTALY.... i was thinking hold up... he mentioned in one of the interviews one of his favorite blink songs is Violence because its where blink started to try new things.. and then he goes and RIPS IT OFF with this band... its the same bass line and similar drumming like Violence.. its like listening to the beginning a bad cover of Violence on youtube.. and then u think good god, and turn it off..
  14. this... he also seems to be answering questions very carefully. trying hard to not quite answer them or beat around the bush. like when mark mentioned that tom had a iPhone he got worried as if he was thinking about who the sponsor was and would they be upset that he didn't have a Google android phone... and with so much talk about social networking and how bands can use it and the future of it all he NEVER ONCE mentioned modlife... which was his whole idea of the future of bands and social networking.. im sure modlifes failure pains him. he seems worn the fuck out and needs to regroup. glad this tour is almost over and they all can rest there minds realizing in the end, this tour and new album will go down as a success for blink.
  15. bompa is the worst company ever to order from.. when they had that holiday sale a year ago when everything was 50% off i ordered like 3 hoodies and paid for the express shipping cause it was getting fucking cold out.. i ordered it end of november.. i called 20 times and bitched and complained there excuse was they ran out of hoodies and were printing more and there now on back order. i was GUARANTEED i would get them before christmas and they were putting next day delivery on it for me... i gave up.. got the hoodies in mid january.. was never able to cancel the order because the order was partially fulfilled when they sent me 1 tshirt that was part of the order back in november. and to top it off they billed me for the 3 hoodies again when order finally shipped. took 2 weeks to get a refund and they would not refund my $42.50 i spent on "express" shipping. so reading all these posts about there awful service is just par for the course.. nothing has changed in a year..
  16. i got the neighborhoods black tour shirt. better than a wristband or granola bar.. makes me wanna order another bundle and see what happens but at the same time don't wanna waste $32 and get the same shirt or worse.. frustrated.. has anyone else took there chance and re-ordered in hopes of a better mystery gift?
  17. Snake Charmer (Radio Edit) would appeal to all sorts of stations. rock/pop vibe like linkin park. Love is Dangerous (sounds like stuff already on mainstream radio)
  18. 5. not catchy? every song has a catch or hook that is sick. not one song doesn't have a catchy moment. sounds like AVA? no. there are parts that sound like what tom might have envisioned AVA to be or sound.. but it took Mark and Travis to keep the songs going in a direction that didn't destroy a good song with a 5 min intro or outro or yo yo's throughout like AVA. not one song sounds like another. its NOT a bunch of filler with 2 good songs. its great album. I was one of the biggest blink doubters of all that they would put out anything actually worth listening to, and they totally fooled me. this album is everything AVA and +44 wasn't. its what we get with all 3 guys. much better music in the end.
  19. everyone just cool out..
  20. from what im reading the people who are getting to hear the new records are going to sound proof rooms at the record labels for listening events. so it means that there probably was not any promos sent out for the album.. i doubt it leaks till stores start receiving the shipments or blink purposely streams it early. just my guess.
  21. lol sorry u got the wrong band thats the FOO FIGHTERS set list...
  22. just disappointed. at least i have till the end of September to get over it and realize it will be fun and ill just get super wasted and make an ass of myself.
  23. where is the "like"button on this shit.. some of u people actually are getting it.. HORRIBLE SET LIST.
  24. damn if you really did buy a ticket to see them live I feel really bad for you dave being as you saw them in 2004 and if you saw them in 2009, you pretty much saw the same setlist 3 times in a row i went to 3 shows in 2003 3 shows in 2009 and going to tampa and west palm on this tour. nothing is new. its the same bull shit with 4 new songs. 85 bucks a ticket aint cheap. i like all the songs dont get me wrong but FUCK.. korn, jew, foo, play for like 2 hours if not longer and play such different stuff. this is the reunion tour minus a few. ANGRY... $$$$$$$ thats all this is .
  25. FUCKING BULL SHIT. no adams song. no apple shampoo. not even not now. nothing. I WANT A FUCKING REFUND.
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