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  1. ilan

    OCDP videos

    did you meet him at the MD festival? no. i went to a drum clinic at a local music store when I was like 8.
  2. Now you're talking. John Bonham is a true rock drummer. Sorry I don't agree about Dave Grohl. I think Grohl is a great all-round musician, singer/songwriter and performer, but even he would agree that he shouldn't appear in the same sentence as Bonzo. ilan www.denverharbor.net
  3. Those are some mighty big words there. I wanna see you back them up And moomoo2k, I think Thomas is good in spite of the fact he has double bass, he's just really freaking good. But ya, the throwing sticks around is kinda pointless. I've seen him play once and thought he was good, but mostly flashy. His double kick wasn't too clean either. As for moomoo's question if I think i'm better, well, I can't answer that. We don't play the same type of stuff so it's hard to compare. As for backing my words up, i'm not really sure what it is I need to back up, but if you're interested, we should be touring around the country this summer, so come out and judge for yourself. ilan www.denverharborl.net
  4. tell him not to use the double kick for beats. he should work on strengthening his right foot and use the double pedal for fills and solos if he does any.
  5. i think all drummers should try to learn other instruments. i started playing guitar about 2 years ago and i've been playing classical piano for 8 months and both have made me a better drummer. ilan
  6. don't know why but the stuff up at www.fonland.com isn't working and it's old. i've been thinking of doing a short video in our practice room so maybe i'll do that soon. ilan
  7. ilan


    I played on Pepper's Pork Pie at the HOB in Las Vegas and liked it a lot. I've also played on a bunch of DWs. They are both great kits!!
  8. ilan


    I play on an OCDP kit and wouldn't play on anything else. ilan
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