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  1. We're talking about producers here, which JF was for those albums. Edit: and Untitled if I remember correctly.
  2. So Jerry Finn's input on Enema/TOYPAJ was pathetic too? C'mon man...
  3. You know what I like...it just sounds like Tom writing a song that HE wants to write/hear. He's not catering to anyone. It's a genuine Tom song.
  4. This is the best he's sounded in years. He's interacting with the crowd more than he used to too and seems happy to be there. Good for him.
  5. Genuinely thought I was about to watch a girl flossing her teeth (I read the comments before I watched the video).
  6. When Blink got back together they added an extra arrow to the smiley for the new album (neighborhoods). There were 6 arrows. So for the next one to be the 9th album I guess they don't count Bhudda, and count both parts of California as separate albums?
  7. I've been watching for 20 minutes and I still have no idea what they're talking about.
  8. It looks like Tom's trying not to laugh haha.
  9. Just look at that concept art kids.
  10. Nevermind, got it working on Safari.
  11. He's live broadcasting now but there's no sound?
  12. The faces are take from this shoot I think:
  13. If you're going to "spill your beans" to Tom, at least spell check that shit first (that's one reason why you come across as a 15 year old).
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