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  1. Idk if its just me but the verse where the guest comes in, the first 10 second of him singing sounds exactly like Deryck, or some kind of Sum 41 song. Am I the only one hearing this?
  2. As the title says, they broke up and their entire way of going about it reminds me of blink’s break up in 2005 for some reason
  3. Saw them on Friday night in the city, they were great. Radio https://www.instagram.com/tv/CVop68chiDD/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Warbrain https://www.instagram.com/tv/CVot0INhQS7/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  4. Great album, Pretender is my favorite
  5. Theres parts of this album that is definitley better than post Tom blink but it stills feels soulless at time. Tho I will say Automatic is better than NINE. I swear all we ever gotten out of the blink camp was a few exceptional songs from each band post Tom, while Matt Skiba is shining and putting all of his energy into Alkaline Trio (ITTC?). I just want the next blink album to be Mark, Matt and Travis with themselves and creating an Alkaline-182 album.
  6. Yea but who wants to do that when they already released 98% album
  7. You can go on reddit and find the 3 songs that haven’t been released
  8. Automatic is the best song Tom made since When I Was Young
  9. Damn, I was supposed to see them on Halloween this year but the venue is still going under construction and so it was unfortunately cancelled. Always wanted to see this band on Halloween ever since that live dvd
  10. Song is out on Tidal streaming app, did a free trial its good.
  11. I prefer the new AVA over the current blink but it still isn't all that great, the best thing to come out of Matt's blink is that Is This Thing Cursed? is the best Trio album we gotten since Good Mourning.
  12. Brilliant in the terms of clever and good call back to years of becoming a joke you fucking dimwit. But go off by calling me a Tombot if that makes you feel better
  13. Was it discussed yet that Tom wrote “yead” in the lyrics for this song. Fucking brilliant
  14. Figured he would've sounded like MGK or one of the many rappers he converted to switch over genres Imagine if he sounded like Tom lol
  15. Song is ok but I gotta appreciate that this is the first time Tom threw in a bridge in a song since like 2003
  16. I like it but I do also wish there was more, Tom really needs something like the final chorus of the song but to be played through its entirety
  17. Is it just my Apple Music but is the song not on it yet or just me?
  18. also thank god tom got rid of that fucking ford hat.
  19. On a more serious note, whos the chick in these AVA videos? What's her instagram.... I'm lonely tonight
  20. so.... has anyone figured out what the sent out to those people or you all just bitching still?
  21. I found the song to be really really good and I don't care for EDM
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