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  1. Also listen to Spanish Love Songs, Schmaltz is an incredible pop punk album, their most recent album Brace Faces Everyone is the best album of 2020 so far
  2. Dear Landlord is awesome, that one album is incredible. I wish they had more music out there and theres this https://www.punknews.org/article/64613/zachary-gontard-dear-landlord-charged-with-murder-in-heroin-overdose-case
  3. Off With Their Heads is one of my favorites, if you like them check out Banner Pilot.
  4. Iron Chic is great, they pretty much have a cult following here in NYC, I don't see many people from different states knowing about them
  5. Thats what I like about them, I don't listen to them looking for a masterpiece, they're just really good at writing catchy fun songs.
  6. This band does Pop Punk really well.
  7. Feldy just posted Matt recording guitar work. You all can calm down now, he’s still in the band.
  8. This song really would've benefitted more from Matt's vocals
  9. wow this pretty good, sounds like Bad Religion
  10. Pretty bad quality but it sounds pretty good
  11. I guess it was only a matter of time before blink got dragged into this topic....
  12. They need to get Wil Yip to produce their next album
  13. Gotta ask.... I figured the gist of why people are mad without getting spoiled by the story.... is it as bad as they really say it is?
  14. So Tom DeLonge pretty much said don't expect the AVA album until the fall Also don't expect Rebel Girl, Kiss & Tell and All That is left on the new album
  15. I might be a little late here but who the fuck is this yungblud kid and why did Travis agree to ruin What I Got with this kid? what the fuck is Travis doing?
  16. https://instagram.com/stories/johnfeldy/2291171177333243099?utm_source=ig_story_item_share&igshid=bv0lc83k3pml this sounds really good
  17. does the intro remind anyone else of I'm Lost Without You?
  18. I really like it, I'd rate the recent songs as Kiss & Tell, All That's Left Is Love and Rebel Girl in 3rd
  19. It's Wednesday, shouldn't the new song been leaked by now
  20. great cover, he’s done other ska version of blink songs and other bands
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