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  1. 1. Take Off Your Pants & Jacket 2. Untitled 3. Dude Ranch 4. Enema of The State 5. Cheshire Cat 6. Neighborhoods 7. Buddha 8. California Nine
  2. Travis flew back to the states due to an emergency, you europeans just got blue balls
  3. wait, where the hell can i see these leaked lyrics
  4. Can someone fill me in on these leaks? Idc if they’re all just speculation but it gives me something to do lol
  5. the snippet reminds me of this but slower, I would love it they refuse this riff on the new album
  6. everyones asking about the new album or single lol, including me
  7. The Menzingers just announced a new album coming October 13th today, they got plenty of time to announce this shit. Also Rancid and The Foo Fighters announced albums within 6 weeks before the release date, you should all chill.
  8. I just want a new song, I don’t care about the album title or release, just give us something new. Also that serotonin from NY show have worn off, so I need something to build that back up lol
  9. Wonder how much longer we gotta wait
  10. We need a Built This Jacuzzi (Built This Pool the sequel)
  11. Not really much to go on but someone from reddit discovered if you type in More Than You’ll Ever Know into Spotify, blink-182 pops up. So that at least tells us the song is probably in their database
  12. this band took edging to a new level.
  13. Well guys I decided to finally schedule and get my first tattoo at 34, which will be the blink bunny in a few weeks. Probably will be the only one i ever get? maybe?
  14. I'm just predicting that next week we could hear something around their anniversary, if not at least by the following week.
  15. Tuesday is my birthday and Friday I’ll have 3 years sober, if blink releases a new song, you can all just thank me.
  16. Not sure to be honest, i found it while googling today lol and figured i should share it
  17. https://www.albumoftheyear.org/album/664330-blink-182-more-than-youll-ever-know.php
  18. hopefully Tuesday is the day we hear at least a snippet
  19. I'm lowkey annoyed that the 3x i saw them Mark not once did Taylor but did do No Scrubs all 3 times.
  20. Check out my instagram(it’s public) so you can see all the videos/pictures i took from these new york shows https://instagram.com/jbrady182?igshid=OGQ5ZDc2ODk2ZA==
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