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  1. you could just download a high quality one.
  2. it would be pointless to release a cover song as a single.
  3. in that case you do got a point...so im done now.
  4. but what exactly was the point of that post.
  5. now was i asking you the question? did i say anything about tom NO, so shut up.
  6. I wasn't shitting on Tom there. Shitting on Tom would be, "Tom DeLonge is a faggot, and Blink 182 sucks dicks". I wasn't meaninglessly ranting on and making idle threats on Tom. I gave an accurate description of how he performed at the BCR show, and if anyone would be shitting on anyone, it would be Tom shitting on himself for putting on such a bad performance. And just to clarify, I do have a higher knowledge of music than the "little" people who like Blink. "Knowledge" is not metaphysical, it is a quantifiable term; and in this case, I can safely say I have more of it than the "little" people you speak of. Bottom line: Blink can craft a catchy, poppy melody, I will give them that. But learn to appreciate Mozart or Chopin, then come back to me and tell me Blink have serious musical talent. i was learning about Mozart and i think Chopin last year in music class. i respect them artists as i was learning about them...and i got a question. if im correct (i don't remeber) it was Mozart or Beethoven (sp?) that rebeled against his dads rule b/c i remeber one of them ran away from his dads home to start his own life with music.
  7. It's The Only Ones version. psh its better then the blink version i bet.
  8. http://s49.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=13C2QVCKG5CEW1DF0X0D1O9BAF
  9. hes more talented at guitar then tom.....and the fact that matt can play on toms sig guitar better then him makes it more sad for tom.
  10. if this really does turn out to be big ill laugh my ass off and then go jump off a cliff.
  11. the single will be deft Not Now and they will use footage from there past years from 92-04 i bet.
  12. maybe hes doing this to express all of his feellings off his chest....and then (hopefully) some day blink will reunite and become what they were before untitled. i believe there untitled album is going to be known as blinks infamous album. once/if they get back together.
  13. have you guys ever notice that some bonus tracks are hiddened and they would show up at the end of the last track on the album.
  14. i think i would b/c im still pretty big into the whole skate punk scene
  15. What do you mean? i really don't know what i meant lol.
  16. i really don't like you all you do is post a topic abotu Avril WE ALL DON"T CARE.
  17. b/c chris and macbeth were the 2 first A&A friends on myspace.
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