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  1. i would love if tom did come back this is how they approached it. new producer new environment. agree that it’s a new band again ie. how travis got them to approach untitled, almost as if they’ve never played together. and to make everyone all in on the process agree that the live show will be based solely on the new material from the show, branding, artwork, merch etc. this is my personal dream scenario at least.
  2. travis officially proposed to kourtney
  3. great tom interview. blink bcr and ava all covered.
  4. i love it it’s pure authentic tom. video song chorus all of it. not to go there but would be a great blink song mark singing the verses w him and travis crushing the chorus/outro..
  5. losing my mind is giving me modern day violence vibes. can’t wait to hear the rest of it
  6. if hearts all gone had tom on the verses like how they did it live would be a top 10 all time imo.
  7. his voice sounded so weird in the first verse but sounded more normal as it went on. i actually really liked it, very i-empire
  8. that was so tough to listen too. you can tell that he is being so careful with his words and doesnt want to divulge too much and clearly feels a type of way for not getting to be that involved creatively.
  9. this is the best thing that’s been posted on this forum in years
  10. thank you for sharing these are awesome
  11. i would love to know if it naturally came up in regards to tom questions but what his (toms) ownership stake in the band still is. if he has any say whatsoever in decisions they make since skiba joined? does he approve things? does he get a percentage of just merch revenue? when they play songs live he has writing credit on? also if skiba has equity in the band at this point? i doubt he'd dive to much into this from a legal perspective but very interested in it.
  12. i love +44. but bcr is arguably tom and travis’ best work of all time has aged incredibly well. has the quick authentic punk vibes plus prime jerry finn of eots and toypaj with the edge and maturity hint of what was to follow w untitled.
  13. side note: the new font/logo they are using for this is lightyears better than the one they’ve been using for quite some time.
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