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  1. they should take whatever money they were paying wayne and offer it to tom. :)
  2. search blink 182 happy and it’ll come up
  3. i’ve done my fair share of m+g w a wide variety of artists and what i found is always most successful is to try and be last or as far back as possible. logic is they are done after you therefor asking for an extra autograph photo extra question it’s not as big of a deal cause there’s not 50+ people behind you. just my .02
  4. when travis announced the bands on his musink this year and i saw limp bizkit i thought it was a sure sign they would be touring with blink this summer in an enema 20th 90s throwback style tour. they haven’t done a proper tour in a while and we’re both the “rock” bands on trl and all that back in the day. thought they’d throw a similar like someone said sum 41 on there as well have a great night i dont think lil wayne is the reason this isn’t selling but just a bad job in promo and lining up with the album not being out they had to scramble and make it an enema thing which had they been promoting from the start i think would have gandered a bigger reaction and response.
  5. if you can you should definetly go see them this summer. production is awesome and they sound great. awesome show
  6. sounds john feldmann-y to me. so fast so punk *insert guitar slide*
  7. cant stand stftk and absoutley love down, used to skip it back when untitled came out
  8. genuinely curious what people’s thoughts would be had blink released “drug” as the first single of the new album
  9. what confuses me so much about people complaining about this is blink is a band that literally got their stardom from the trl mtv bang of the late 90s with out that they’d likely be a version sum 41 who someone else mentioned is now basically doing their version of warped tour metal in house of blues size venues. blink has always been a bigger bang almost in the same regard as the foo fighters incubus etc of their class of big rock bands. while i personally believe had their been no breakup they would have been on a foo fighters type of career sound and mass appeal wise .. that obviously didn’t happen. since the reunion and now skiba era they will obviously be making music to cater to the bigger radio mainstream audience to still play those bigger venues and remain that headliner status they have always had. they worked w feldmann to pander to all the fans currently in the comments that are saying “omg if your gonna sing about punk play punk” while also making fun of nofx for looking jaded and sad. blink has always been a pop band. and i think for a 2019 mainstream version of blink 182 this is a pretty cool mellow vibey and catchy song. best lyrics ever? no but a solid next step after making their 2016 enema to ease everyone into a new co lead singer. could have gotten a parking lot 2.0...
  10. it seems super poorly mixed. the synth is so drastic over everything and his voice in the first verse is rough.
  11. everywhere i go kings and queens. first thing i heard too
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