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  1. everywhere i go kings and queens. first thing i heard too
  2. i like buying vinyl just for the purpose of owning my truly favorite albums front to back in a cool over the top version. from the packaging to a cool colored pressing etc.
  3. you bring up a pretty interesting point in which my opinion where alot of the turmoil and drama starts. travis joins the band enema is huge FSAS launches. its his line w friends blink plays store opening. mark/tom launch atticus/macbeth/loserkids blinks on the dragging the lake samplers everyone supports everyones stuff becomes a very family esque were all making tons of money our fans are eating this up let the good times roll. you look at a band like rancid that has side projects galore with every member. lars and the bastards, transplants, devils brigade, tim's solo stuff, they all collab on those projects support eachother and rancid fans have had a "new release" almost every year for quite some time because of that supportive environment. there was a disconnect that happened with blink that no longer allowed that internal support. you wonder if you go back in time to that 04 europe tour and they arent fighting, tom simply tells them i want to do a more space rock-tinged side project this year lets connect w blink in a year and do some different stuff. could have been a whole different ball game.
  4. going to be in a small minority on this site but i think its great. its better than anything on deluxe california and is exactly why blink needs to work with different/more current out of the box thinking producers. fall out boy is more relevant than ever and in my opinion they are the equivalent to a modern day blink (not exactly in style but fame and importance to the scene) and this is essentially what they have done to evolve. i love it.
  5. i’ve always been of the thought that if tom just put 50% effort into blink 1. we’d get better music. and 2. everyone would still like him and probably support all these side ventures 4x more than the niche group that follow every move he makes. surprised he’s never thought of it through that lense or if he has just shows how much control matters to him.
  6. rivers sounded great. band, specifically the drummer did not imo
  7. i don’t think that will ever happen honestly
  8. i find it a little concerning we’ve seen no rehearsal pics videos anything with a show only a couple days away 🤔
  9. felt it was a good box car/untitled esque song that fit for a comeback song and for a next step. the mark/tom was great. but after hearing HAG and wishing well both would have been a better lead comeback single imo. especially if tom cared about HAG and they recorded it how they performed it live it would of had the potential to be a big single w the same promo team/label support they seem have now.
  10. this is super cool ive never seen it thank you for posting
  11. it’s one of the things i’m most intrigued about the bands current situation and how much tom still gets.
  12. for me untitled was the ultimate peak of blink. it was a time after discovering blink bc of dammit/enema being a young teenager to obviously loving toypaj. this was blink in the prime of cheetah videos being uploaded to the site w the "casa de blink" cam (I believe it was called) where they had the 24/7 recording video of the studio. in comparison to almost all the other bands at their level at this time I attest a lot of their popularity to being ahead of their time in the sense of the content they provided that current bands have to do nowadays to be even recognized as a legitimate band just in a different sense (ig/snap/twitter/etc). they crushed it w constant video updates you were as much a fan of their friendship and personalities in the essence of television show as much as you were as the music and they did this before a lot of other bands did it. I'd rush home everyday from school to see what the new updates were same as kids watch snapchat/ig stories at their finger tips today. the madden leak of feeling this ... mtv album launch to the trl performance of feeling this and dammit ..dolla bill shows it was all such a fun time.
  13. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-7-words-podcast/id1340666372?mt=2&i=1000405705499 skinhead rob interview/podcast around the 20min mark he brings up “people in certain camps pressuring him to play when can he play after the plane crash/would get mad at him for not flying to australia” found it intriguing thought some of you might as well...
  14. bummed there doesn't seem like a chance its not feldy. would love if they would just give a few others a shot just for novelty sakes see what happens. I'd love to hear those Tim Armstrong sessions from the pre-feldy California time. blink thrives off their simplicity sounding huge imo. that ATST video w the subtle synth is a prime example. and Feldmann just loads up the synths and bells/whistles and production x10000 (im a California pt 1 fan for the record) to be too shiny I remember reading a Kanye article of him reaching out to Rick Rubin (id kill for them to work w him) before releasing yeezus and he basically said get rid of all the layers simplify it make it 5/10 layers max. and Kanye attests that being what put that record over the top. realize a lot of people on here may not be hip hop fans but if you listen to Sia - Reaper (written/produced by Kanye) you can hear just the simplicity of that and the hook and song is huge it gives me a very "I miss you" vibe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeM0lzQhigg with all the friends/connections this band has id love to see them go through their iPhones and pick a few new ones to work with that arent Alex from all time low or Patrick from fall out boy. it could be working with someone in a different world with a different outlook than the John Feldmann Pop Punk Factory to still give them that fall out boy arena/radio level of fame they strive for but with the freshness of the Untitled album everyone loves.
  15. this is bananas if its the true true numbers and also makes the whole thing so much more depressing
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