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  1. Tom sounded best when Jerry Finn was recording and vocal producing him same with Matt Skiba on Crimson IMO
  2. it’s all subjective of course but I think sloppy is absolutely a style
  3. I think Travis inspired some of those songs to exist. imagine Shut Up with Scott playing - I can’t - that’s why the pub was warranted. I think probably any good punk drummer could have made a maybe not the same, maybe better maybe a little worse but similar version dude ranch, cheshire etc
  4. to each their own - to my point those songs would have been very different songs not just recordings and I think that was pretty clear to the band. I do think Scott is under appreciated though. his playing although simple was actually quite stylistic in the way that Tom’s guitar playing was/is.
  5. writing / publishing usually focuses on the composition of the song based on lyrics, melodies, and music (chords pretty much. It’s sort of a case by case thing but if you think about it there are really only a few options that make sense as far as what the drums can be. of course in the case of Travis his parts are essentially hooks and extremely crucial to the composition to the songs. A lot of bands just decidedly split the publishing up between everyone for the good of band and keeping everyone feeling happy and a part of it. Scott would have always been apart of the master recordings. I will say Travis definitely sort of broke the mold as far as drummers being thought of as a creative force when it comes to the writing. But I can’t imagine what anthem part 2, feeling this, adams song etc would sound like without the parts he wrote
  6. really enjoying this podcast - great work and awesome guests. it’s cool to hear these stories from people who were closely involved with the band over the years. thanks man!
  7. Anthony Green would be kind of interesting mostly because of his range. But honestly Skiba was the obvious best fit as far as well known frontmen in the genre goes. I remember initially getting into Alkaline Trio when I was in high school because something about Skiba gave off a Tom vibe and even more so during the untitled era
  8. The alternative chart on mediabase tracks spins on most major alt and rock stations. To my understanding Billboard is a combination of everything from streams, radio, sales etc.
  9. Alt radio and pop radio are two very different things. I feel it could do pretty well on alt. It’s a better fit than Bored To Death for sure. Even thought I liked BTD way more.
  10. Skiba took blink out of his instagram bio
  11. College shows often pay a lot of money because the schools allocate a budget for students to help plan events. They have to spend this budget by the end of the year. If it was routed for them to do en route to something else perhaps that's why they did it? Could have also been a charity thing? Big acts play often play colleges.
  12. I think it's pretty rad! We are never going to love any song in the way we love the early blink stuff through 2004. Those records have nostolgia from our youth attached to them and I'm not sure they could re-create that because well... we are not kids anymore and the world becomes a bit grey and muted when you grow up compared to how you see it as a kid. Just glad they are having fun making music and still playing shows for us with a guitar player/singer who shows up on his game every day.
  13. Home Is Such A Lonely place is a good choice because it could potentially cross over to pop radio. Maybe not the most "blink" song on the album but one of the best written songs IMO. Also Hodges is a legend. I'm cool with them doing co-writes if they are hand picking great songwriters who can help them develop the new sound and line up. That's what Jerry Finn did and it will take some talented people to fill those shoes.
  14. the vocals are clearly melodyned and possibly even re-tracked. you can hear the tuning on the notes mark usually misses live haha.
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