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    new snare head

    i wish i knew what the hell you were talking about
  2. tom18222


    because thats not how it goes. its supposed to have the abrubt ending ot the F# note.
  3. tom18222


    it goes 2-7-2-6-2-4-2-6 you need the capo. unless you have amazingly fast hands and to it smoothly.
  4. the overheads pick it up. Thats what some studios do in fact. they put just overheads, it sounds good.
  5. tom18222


    it doesnt really matter. probably a dunlop.
  6. just go with goldwave. its easy.
  7. yeha i played one at GC. I swear to god, i'm in love with it, and i dont even play bass.
  8. yeah please like stop talking like a gangsta, its quite irritating. now to record it: you can use a regular computer micrphone (cause its only for listening purpose, not for quality) put it in the mic in Then put the microphone rather far away from the drum set. download goldwave, its easy and good. bam.
  9. his strat or the 333, the guitar in daves signature is the best looking guitar ive ever seen.
  10. tom18222

    i need help

    i could fix it, but take it to a pro.
  11. theyre good. i would get ones from "hart" i think is the company.
  12. thats fucking sick. its fucking spit, id otn care how famous the mouth that it came out of is. its fuckin sick.
  13. i think hes a cool guy, but hes not my idol, i guess i somewhat "look up" at him but in no means want to be like him.
  14. white pickguard, black body. thats the one I have, I've made one change, and thats putting a black volume knob on, thats it.
  15. tom18222

    BCR vids?

    dude your sig sucks
  16. hes in there in the end he goes "yea.......dontttttttttt leavvvvvvveeeeeeeee" listen to it.
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