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  1. I was a bit dissapointed with it. It was good, but I expected Roddy/Dragon to be amazing. The rest of the Final Countdown stuff I've seen is way better, especially Hero/Dragon for the PWG belt. He needs to feud with Regal.
  2. Nigel is a perfect fit the WWE. I'd be shocked if he doesn't win a world title there. Anyway they'd better book Ki/Dragon/Nigel for the ECW title at Wrestlemania.
  3. Colt's the only one who never really had a chance in the WWE. Fuck knows why they never gave him a chance. London and Kendrick both won titles, and got a decent push as a team. TNA hasn't done any better. Styles was never really a ROH guy, and Joe's been pretty much ruined in TNA. Anyway, hopefully Dragon can do well in WWE. He deserves the chance to prove how good he is on a global stage.
  4. That beatdown was beautiful. Espescially the Dragon elbows. Punk needs to break them out in a match and force a ref stoppage.
  5. Is Ring Of Honor that Ric flair shit? Cause that shit was so SO terrible. They put on some good matches haha The 4 way for the title was great. Next weeks show looks pretty good as well. Wolves v Dragon and Tyler. Do you just watch the TV shows, or do you see the PPVs as well?
  6. They should keep them seperate. We don't need the shite on Raw polluting Smackdown. Smackdown is fine as it is. I don't know how they can book Smackdown so well and Raw so awfully though.
  7. Drink up England. I want your livers to fail. Heel Punk is awesome. He'd better open Smackdown with some straightedge means I'm better than you.
  8. So, did anyone else see the ROH TV debut. No, probably not. I thought it was good anyway, certainly better than anything TNA have put on recently. Black/Jacobs was great. Apparently the 7th anniversary show was great as well. Steenerico/ American Wolves and Kent/Nigel are both mean to be great matches and Colt's back. I bet nobody else even knows who they are.
  9. Storylinewise : 1) The stage collapsed on Vince, but he's due back next week on Raw. Shane still appears sometimes. Steph took charge of Raw after Adamle was fired. 2) Shawn lost his money in the credit crunch. JBL offered him a load of money too work for him. 3) Jericho thinks HBK and JBL screwed him out of a title shot. 4) Orton kicked them out of his group.
  10. Profile > Signature > and put
  11. You just need to post to get your level up.
  12. I never liked the new one when it was put on so I kept using the old one anyway.
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