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  1. I'm guessing it's too late to submit a song, lol sorry fell asleep at the wheel
  2. All the examples in that video are horse shit Real situations where he re-used a riff: - Anthem Part II (Intro) and Adams Song (chorus, same riff in the background, very faint) - The End With You, Easy Target, & All of This (obvious which part I'm talking about) only ones I can really think of right now that are legitimate now if we are talking Skiba, theres a few instances of the same octave pattern in alkaline trio: - Private Eye (main riff), Jaked On Green Beers (breakdown before final chorus), If We Never Go Inside (bridge) think i'm forgetting one more for those
  3. Pretty excited about this, don't see anything about digital download or CDs. I bet they will only have it on vinyl until they sell them all. Live footage of their full discography on blu-ray as well!
  4. I wonder what ever happened to the project Matt started working on a few years back. A kids punk album project as the "Cereal Killers." Do you think they'll ever release it under the blink-182 brand?
  5. this is the only thing good that came from the existence of nickelback https://youtu.be/oDgs1iroYy
  6. the mixes are light years better than Neighborhoods. I'm sure I would enjoy that album if it was actually mixed better than demo quality, hell Cheshire Cat sounds better than Neighborhoods... but it was only recorded for some quick cash not to be anything special, they got what they paid for
  7. im still waiting for the brail video Bored to Death so I can complain about how I can't feel it on the screen
  8. why all the hate for Parking Lot? It's one of my favorites on California along with Cynical. It's really refreshing to hear the fast drumming in blink that I haven't really heard since "Time to Break Up" My picks: Parking Lot Misery Last Train Home
  9. so the radio was on a country station this morning at work and this song came on... first thing I thought was, "shit, this guitar playing and tone sounds like what Tom Delonge would write" is it just me? ignore the singing, it could totally be a delonge riff at the chorus.
  10. its because the majority the album is in the key of C or F, which is in his upper range, on all the other albums it was nice because their keys would range all over the place... personally I think he sounds best in A or B. His highest range is D (Adams Song, Apple Shampoo) or sometimes E ("so lost and disillusioned") however when they would play Adams Song live they would drop it down to C# and he never plays Apple Shampoo Just for frame of reference. Here are some song keys so you can get the idea of how that effects his voice: Key of B: Pathetic, Josie, Going Away to College, Lemmings, Party Song, Everytime I look For You, I Miss You Key of A: Waggy, Online Songs, Rock Show, Rollercoaster, Shut Up, Here's Your Letter, Easy Target Key of C major / A minor: Dammit (can't sing the whole song through live, why Tom or Matt does the choruses), Go Typically tom sang the majority or songs in the key of C, D, or E, and mark sang in A and B, they would both sing in B in their back and forth songs. On california they are mostly singing in C, Matt has more of a scream/singing voice when he is singing in C (i.e. Cringe)... maybe they wrote in that key to try and differentiate their voices?
  11. I was thinking since they had so many songs ready for this album, they should have leaked all the non-album songs as the album California. Then when the album dropped today we would have an entirely different album and be like wtf? If I was in the band, that's what I would have done. That way everyone would think they have the true leak, but it would be a decoy.
  12. Why would he be upset? RESIDUAL INCOME, I'm sure he will still get at least 10-20% of the money they make. He doesn't have to do anything and he will get paid.
  13. 1. Cynical was too short, needed a second verse or a bridge into guitar lead part, then another chorus at the end 2. Lyrics in California "Living in the perfect weather, spending time inside together" worst line on the album 3. Overuse of woahs and nas 4. Joke songs could have been developed more, seem too half-assed. Even Happy Holidays you Bastard seemed like he tried to write something clever, Grandpas an Asshole was a full song... The 2 joke songs on California were a waste of potential. 5. Lack of catchy lead guitar riffs, thats what Blink is known for 6. Too much of the same formula (Mark first verse, Matt Second verse) Give matt one or two of his own songs
  14. 2:51, yeah I think it was his low floor tom tuned down, but it does sound very close to a double kick. I really think they should attempt a double-kick esque song like ADTR
  15. was Travis using a double kick at the end of California? sounds like it
  16. country is they way you sing, not what you sing
  17. or Tom could pick up Dan Andriano and Derek Grant along with David Kennedy for new Box Car Racer
  18. Tom will rejoin in 2017 and Skiba will stay. Their next album will be called "If You See Kay"
  19. 1. TOYPAJ 2. Untitled 3. Enema 4. California 5. Dude Ranch 6. Cheshire Cat 12. Neighborhoods
  20. their next producer needs to be HOWARD BENSEN
  21. my prediction of what they'll do next: Skiba will convince Mark and Travis to have a seance to contact Jerry Finn and see what he thinks of California... he will say, "no no no, do it like this" and he will produce their next album from the grave
  22. I was getting that feeling too, I have the best memories tied to the release of TOYPAJ so I'm enjoying it
  23. He moved to San Francisco in 1998ish, they might has well have added this song to the album
  24. After hearing Cynical, I wan't blink to re-record Time To Break Up with Matt Skiba. I think this is the first time Travis has used the fast double-time punk beat since 2001
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