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  1. Almost got the faded hoodie but sold out whilst going through checkout
  2. Surprised how cheap it is tbh
  3. It was their first ever headline show, they played that 'give it a name' festival at earls court earlier in the year.
  4. Most famous members are Oliver, Niku, Rory and Aria
  5. Remember seeing you at an AVA gig at the electric ballroom and recognising you from here. Thought it would have been weird to approach you though😅 must have been 2005 or 2006
  6. Anyone mind pming me the adventure demo please, used to listen to that on repeat on the bus to college
  7. Respect for not saying Brit. I pronounce it carnt so not sure what you're on about
  8. He originally posted this that's why he mentions untitled in the other tweet
  9. Cheers mate just got a couple of t shirts with your code
  10. No one in England pronounces the shire, if pronounce it chesha
  11. Love the podcast guys Couldn't help but notice the pronunciation of Cheshire, is that how you pronounce it in America?
  12. Oliver I have been laughing at your posts for years now, I'm convinced you are going to reveal yourself as some decades long prank.
  13. Does anyone have a link for the new EP please I missed it on YouTube Don't worry found a copy!
  14. Did anyone manage to rip this? it's down now don't worry found a copy
  15. The Knife version is the original
  16. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxzD7NmZNjE&list=FLqb9N0lUA086FcLAYmkzVww&index=1
  17. yocoxy

    Tigers Jaw....

    Just got into these guys last week! can't stop listening to them!
  18. first year i don't actually want to go
  19. Say Anything are amazing and I can't believe they opened for AVA. Would love to see them live. anyway.... Oasis - had a few average songs but the rest are sooo boring I can't actually listen to them Beatles - again few good songs but really really don't get them Libertines - god awful Can't think of much more at the moment Have you heard Comfortably Numb? Probably their best sample song that isn't overly trippy. But I think they are only super popular because they basically pioneered the psychedelic genre of rock that influenced bands like Radiohead and Tool. I mean who else
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