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  1. a 14 year member of the forum. hi.
  2. 11000 posts and this guy doesnt know the release date lol.
  3. will lick this guys butthole for a voicemail of 8 seconds of one new song.
  4. dudes CLEARLY trolling - problem is that reddit is full of pre-pubescent ass-clowns who believe anything.
  5. pretty sure that ones a joke....and its a bit obvious.
  6. so i see we're both in NYC then.
  7. whatever happened to the record store guy who posted the clips - surely he must be off of work by now?
  8. i believe it was the guy who went to the doctor - not a new guy. source: i'm dward85 on KL
  9. hundred bucks says he doesnt have the capability of ripping a physical record...
  10. someone on kingdom leaks is currently in the chat box saying his copy is out for delivery and he will be ripping as soon as he gets it.
  11. how long until someone starts harassing this guy:
  12. anyone got a line on a couple of pit tickets for tonight at Barclays Center? Trying to go at the last minute...
  13. whoever uploads it please send the link to me as well - thanks!
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