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  1. sorry, ive been keeping mothballs in my pockets 

  2. oh boy, this whole DED thing is a whole debacle of fuckery on sandbag and sandbag UK's part. I ordered 1 of each color, plus an extra black/white swirl across 2 orders... compiling a timeline of how this all transpired... cant wait to update this thread with. sandbag should be ashamed of themselves lol.
  3. lol the only person calling her ugly here was a female, cat aka sharks.
  4. Happy 20th, Blink 182 online. You're almost old enough to drink in the USA! 

  5. blink recently released new merch with the old school bunny on it, so they seem to be fine with using it currently. source: i bought the navy dad hat with the old school bunny on it
  6. Its not white vs black.. its everyone vs racists. 

  7. page 4000..wow.. i stumbled across this adams song cover and loved it. im sure its already been posted, but whatever.
  8. looters are not the same as protestors 

    1. Speedo


      I like that a lot of protesters are fighting against the looters and rioters. There's no quicker way to ruin a movement and message than to use it as an excuse to be a scumbag.

    2. n i k u
  9. may 23rd was the 10 year anniversary of lost ending, and ive been doing a rewatch. such a damn good show
  10. Beautiful day in Southern California. 

  11. stay safe. stay vigilant. stay healthy. 

  12. i think having all these awesome guests on builds credibility and before we know it mark tom and travis will be more than happy to come onto the podcast. great job ry! keep killin it !
  13. can we please bring back the spoiler option on posts? why was it removed in the first place? 

  14. lol god damn i rememeber watching this after school. time fucking flies.
  15. interesting that was literally the day mark tom and travis show came out. 11/7/2000 theres an MTV interview that says they cancelled this run of shows cause travis had the flu, but i remember going to the sydney one. it was my second blink show ever after big day out 99.
  16. wow amazing how much faster spotify is at getting stuff up than itunes. I think a mix of ry solo, blink related guests and board guests would be best. most important thing is to keep it fresh with every new episode and keep the content consistent. board guests wouldn't be coming on to talk about the boards, more so blink experiences and knowledge. the podcast is about blink after all, not about the boards.
  17. Dude, this is incredible, really good job.. just finished listening on Spotify. You’ve been absolutely crushing it on the social media side and this is a really good addition to that aspect as well as contributing to blink 182 history in general. Honestly I would be really shocked if the guys don’t end up listening to this....I could even see you feature them on it to do interviews. would be really fuckin cool to have boards members on too..... I know id personally love to come on and talk about blink with you as many others on here would. I love that it isn’t about blink 182 online but this is the home base for it and awesome to have posts and topics here to cite as reference point for stuff you say in podcast. my only real constructive Criticism is that the spacing on the 182 is off on your logo/cover art. The 8 is closer to the 1 than the 2...obviously nothing crazy but figured I’d point it out since it’s really the only thing I see wrong with the whole thing and my ocd wouldn’t let me not say anything lol. really looking forward to more episodes as like you mention it’s kinda hard to follow along All the time with general discussion topic without missing stuff. In response to this episode, You’re making me regret not going to the EOTS tour lol. It’s a bummer you never got to see blink live prior to the first split.
  18. 75% of the boards wont get this joke. well played tho
  19. man i KNEW id heard that shit somewhere before. i even have only god forgives on vinyl. lame af
  20. arguably the best blink has sounded live, ever.
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