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  1. No way was it? Thats like my mates ex-girlfriends new boyfriends band. Small world I guess.
  2. AGHHH!!!!!! HIS VOCALS WERE PITCH CORRECTED! AND SO BADLY! THIS IS A FUCKING CON, and it pisses me off more when people say "Oh this is the best live performance" when its clearly been pitch corrected.
  3. *You couldnt care less is what you mean. Saying, I could care less means that you do care. Sorry, just seen a lot of people say that and its silly. Just like "your a dick" its actually "you're a dick" anyway. Sorry, nothing against you. Just letting you know
  4. Wrong, Geffen bought out MCA. Back in the day, when you type in www.mca.com Geffen.com came up instead. Blink-182 just moved over to geffen because essentially they still had a contract with them, as did New Found Glory aswell and all the other MCA bands.
  5. This thread was never made for us to discuss Mark or the bands intensions or money. This was clearly about the labels interest in money. It only took till half way down page 2 for people to start flaming eachother. Talk about the topic at hand, or go flame each other to your heart is content with PMs rather than filling up the forums here.
  6. Ok, basically I think this was not +44's decision but Interscopes desicion. (Their record label) . Reading all the evidence here, and especially with quotes such as "not something we wanted to do" and "we’re all really bummed that we can’t go . Suggests it wasn't their decision. Now, the reason I think that is because obviously its all about money for Interscope. We all know that over in England sales werent all that great for "When Your Heart Stops Beating" and it didnt chart all that well. And every tour big bands do is to promote something, i.e, the album. Interscope think they maybe lo
  7. old, the second one released I believe
  8. You're a fucking idiot, sorry. Angels and Airwaves only DUB TOM! not the rest of the band, because Tom sounds shit live, Mark dosent, Plus 44 are not claiming to have a live video of Make you smile or Baby Come on, its just a webisode. If it were live, it would say "Make you smile Live" etc.
  9. Meh my lillian cover was better, I just couldnt be bothered to finish it ha
  10. EEEK, Pitch correction galore on distraction live.
  11. Maybe I'll do cover, I have competition now hehe
  12. I ripped it too, but the mods deleted my thread "suprisingly"
  13. Mods here are becoming assholes, they deleted my AVA style demo thread without even moving it. Plus they deleted my 30 second sample download thread. God damn, pisses me off so much. I'm Only trying to help. I think im off to 44Disasters.
  14. Well someone beat me to it, but I've ripped it myself anyway. http://www.sendspace.com/file/vg7wna atleast its easy to find now.
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