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  1. And no matter what in music, something is always bound to resemble another song or part of a song. It happens.
  2. Anyone else get an 80s vibe from pretty little girl? I think it's fucking rad.
  3. Thatlittle video is more satisfying than the blinkumentary probably ever will be. Excuse me correction, ever could be. Assuming it ever sees the light of day.
  4. All I'm gathering from this song is he wishes his dick was as big as the Eiffel Tower
  5. Oh my god what is this crap he's playing
  6. Listening to the show now, ready for this song!
  7. If you read what I said I never said I'm not anxiously awaiting new songs. I'm making the point that I'm not waiting for songs just for new artwork. I could care less what the artwork looks like its the songs that matter. I only peak in this thread on occasion when I can to see any news I might have missed.
  8. I could care less about how the artwork looks, I'm not anxiously awaiting new blink songs for the artwork. It's more about I don't come on the boards much cause I'm busy working. And everytime I come on to the boards I'm always reminded how annoying this place can be with people's comments.
  9. This is what these boards have become. Just dumb ways of complaining and nit picking. This is a great example. "I don't like the cover it looks like a wolf so it must of been Travis' idea! Let me do some stupid impression of mark and Tom acting like they don't like the artwork". This place gets worse everyday
  10. You can shut the fuck up too while you're at it. I don't see either why anyone makes a big deal about the artwork.
  11. Any bets on the Xmas song being acoustic?
  12. Goku Tom isn't the only one hyping it, mark and Travis are too. Travis said its 100 times better then neighborhoods. So yeah, once again can we stop just targeting Tom?
  13. I've got it, it's fuckin awesome
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