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  1. Hell. Yes. Fuck yeah awesome song.
  2. Got to see Rancid live once here in NYC. One of the best shows I've been to.
  3. Not a rip off of the joker a all.
  4. i believe it Hahaha dunno why it typed homo but ohwell
  5. I can't get over this movie gotta see again loved it. For anyone else that's a huge batman/comic fan how did you react to Bane actually lifting Bruce and breaking him over his knee, looked exactly like Knightfall. So powerful I had a nice fanboy fist pump hell yeah moment in the theater haha
  6. Can't compare 1 film to 3 need to wait for the new trilogy to be complete. Pretty good rumors of the Gwen Stacy dies story lines being used for this story. A lot also based off the ultimate spiderman.
  7. Yeah not really plot holes. And so what the she's an intern in hs/college working there teaching others. You can be younger then others but also smarter you know? This is kinda common sense to me.
  8. Hell yeah Bane was not fucking around in this movie.
  9. Me too I also loved the first bane/batman fight scene especially catwoman shutting him in with bane, that was fucking cool That first fight was incredible
  10. The problem is people try to compare them especially dark knight. I take them together as a whole, which is what they should be taken as one big movie a trilogy.
  11. Amazing movie. Loved it and the trilogy as a whole just awesome. No gripes or problems with it, was able to understand Bane perfectly fine as well. And he was so damn BRUTAL. The first fight scene with Bats was so fucking epic and intense. No music, just Bane fucking absolutely crushing him. And the great back break homeage to Knightfall had me smiling and clenching my fist in a fuck yes! Love Anne as catwoman, loved everything basically. I also am a spoilers guy so I knew the whole movie already about a week ago. Loveeeeee.
  12. Because that's just how batman speaks when in the suit, no matter to who. It's even mentioned in the comics his growling way of speaking.
  13. So pumped for thisssssss 330 am tomorrow night! Aka Friday morning haha can't wait
  14. 2 that always came to mind were Fields of Gold and Into The Mystic
  15. Did anybody listen to the whole score on empireonline? So fucking good holy shit.
  16. I'm perfectly fine with that. After norton and marvel and norton couldn't work something out, avengers a was a smash obviously. But hulk can be expanded upon later on.
  17. Well comic con had the Iron Man 3 panel today and TONS of marvel news revealed. I'm a big comic geek and this news today just was the cherry of top of everything. Here we go. Thor sequel titled Thor: The Dark World Captain America sequel titled Captain America: The Winter Soldier (comic fans know who the winter soldier is ) Iron man 3 footage show, his extremis armor. Villains include Firepower and Coldblood but main villain Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin. Footage showed Tony's house on the cliifside being destroyed by helicopters and his hall of armor being destroyed. confirmed that iron man 3 will have a lead up to Avengers 2. Antman test real footage by Edgar Wright shown, sounded awesome so that movie confirmed. biggest news was the announcement of Guardians of the Galaxy! I shat my pants knew it was coming. Members include. Gamorra, Star-Lord, Draxx the Destroyer, Groot anddddddd the best Rocket Raccoon! This link features logos for Cap, Thor, Iron Man 3 and GOTG plus concept art for GOTG http://www.superherohype.com/news/articles/171803-comic-con-guardians-of-the-galaxy-art-marvel-logos-a-iron-man-3-site I am beyond pumped. marvel has done so well in phase one with the continuity of the films and everything this is a nerds wet dream haha
  18. Love people that dismiss things like saying an actor or actress can ruin a movie they haven't seen. Why because you didn't like her roles in other movies? May I remind you the joker was played by a gay cowboy. Everyone got worried about that oh no broke back mountain is gonna be joker?! Nolan and Heath made every one eat their words on that. But I wouldn't expect any less from Kevin as always. Seems to just be a negative person. Have fun living that kinda life.
  19. Because some people leave that kinda thing on their stuff so if they lose it maybe someone will be kind enough to return it. And I look at it as after he became spiderman he simply forgot and it slipped his mind that it was still on there. Ya know that happens in real life. Dunno if it's happened to you but sometimes I forget things and slip up. Kinda common thing to happen to people. Do people just nitpick about every little thing nowadays? Come on man, didn't that part make you go, "really?" Or, "come on!" Everyone in my theater mumbled something at that one point. I'm not saying you're wrong about forgetting that kind of thing. But I really grew attached to this Peter Parker and frankly, to me anyway, it did not seem in this Peter's character to have his shit labeled like that. I still really liked the movie, but when I see things that don't fit or feel wrong, they always stick with me. Didn't bother me at all. Besides everything I said he'd also been spiderman for like what a week? Still learning the ropes of being a superhero. A teenage superhero at that
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