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  1. Why are they still writing songs? They've wrote 50 fucking songs already!
  2. If they have really wrote that many songs, I think that means they've had problems structuring certain songs properly..... so they've moved on to the next song. Potential writer's block? Matt has been in the band for nearly 4 years now, and I honestly don't even know what he offers to the band at the point. He just looks like a guest star to Blink-182 and not a full member. I was very interested at the start of what he would bring to the band, and I honestly thought he'd be a good fit for Tom. But let's be honest here, he's offered absolutely nothing to the band. He doesn't appear to have the talent or the charisma to be a good Blink-182 fit. Anyway, we should have a single in about a month, and that should give us a signal of what direction the album is heading. If it's like the same crap we got from the last album..... then that's it for me with Blink. I'd rather they'd retire Blink-182 and start a new side project or something.
  3. Another part 1 and part 2 album coming up.
  4. Probably get a single late April with a full album release around early June.
  5. I'm pretty certain this album is going to be one big clusterfuck.
  6. I think everyone knew Tom quit the band.... but I don't think anybody cared the 2nd time he did it.
  7. I used to love all the trolls that would post on there. Used to be the funniest shit.
  8. I hope not. I mean, it's fine for another band. But in no way do I want that type of music associated with Blink-182.
  9. Not a good song at all. It doesn't suit Mark's style.
  10. I can't even remember the last time Mark even mentioned Tom, and I don't think he's posted a picture of those guys together in a long time. I know Travis and Tom do that stuff from time to time, but I don't think Mark has.... not since Tom left the band.
  11. So it's probably the opposite to the Self-Titled album. Got it.
  12. Mark lost the ability to write good music years ago. I honestly believe the 2005 breakup literally killed his motivation and it went downhill from then.
  13. Preparing myself for another safe and boring album.
  14. I just bought all 200 copies so Tom doesn't go hungry tonight.
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