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  1. Not a bad song, but it's clearly missing a lot. It feels kinda bland in parts. You can flame me all you want, but Travis and Mark are clearly missing Tom's musical input. He's probably a big reason of why Blink's music was so catchy back in the day.
  2. At least this song is different than the crap they've been releasing lately. Not a great song.... but definitely not bad.
  3. Regardless, it's Blink-182.... they could release a garbage song and it'll still chart well. They're still a big band that basically everyone knows.
  4. Not really. I never based how good Blink's song are off a chart. As I said, it could be number 1 and it still wouldn't make me like the song. You can't take the Billboard charts for face value anymore..... there's too much garbage that makes it in the top 20 these days.
  5. That's the problem, they wrote 50 fucking songs.... and they kept writing more. That suggests to me that they had no clue what the hell they were doing. Working on one song, leaving it and moving on to the next song because you've hit a road block.... and then coming back to the same song much later on is not how you structure an album. Which it appears what they've done by writing 50 songs for the album. Judging by BIOMY, I have no faith in the album. It just sounds like the similar crap they brought out for the last album.
  6. Being high on the Billboards means jack shit nowadays. Have you seen the garbage that makes it in the top 20 these days?
  7. Allegedly haven't been in the studio since April. I don't believe them. They was apparently mixing and mastering the album back in late March/early April, but they're still nowhere near to releasing the album. And I literally don't care if the song is number 14 on the Billboard or not..... it's a still a shit song to me, and it literally wasn't received well by most hardcore Blink fans.
  8. I knew this was the case. I literally said like 2 to 3 weeks back they're probably ditching half the album and making new songs because how badly BIOMY was received.
  9. 50m to potentially die and only be up there for like a day? I think I'll pass. But you know you'll get some dumb multi-millionaire or billionaire paying it.
  10. Yeah.... 2021 sounds about right.
  11. They're probably rewriting the whole album as we speak. They know it's going to be hated by the core Blink fans.
  12. I literally only listened to it once and never returned. It's just a bland song. The worst thing about this song is most of the songs are probably going to sound the same.
  13. It doesn't matter when they release the album, it's most likely going to sound like shit anyway. Prove me wrong, Blink!
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