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  1. I like Timebomb, but the mixing is really shit. I have no clue what's going on with the background vocals in the chorus. Sounds weird. But overall..... it's a good song.
  2. Time Bomb is probably the best song Tom has written in a while. Great chorus.
  3. We all knew Tom was a liar after breaking up in 2005. He constantly lied of why he left the band. The only reason why he came back in 2009 was because of what happened to Travis the year before. Also, the potential millions he could make from touring was a lovely bonus. You could tell he didn't actually want to record any music with the guys. It's no different now. I mean, Tom isn't a bad guy and all, he just doesn't want to commit to making music with the guys anymore. Not that he hates the guys, just that he wants to make the music his way, and he wants the music to fit around his schedule. I mean, he wouldn't mind doing a tour for 3 or 4 months every couple of years if it makes him millions, but the days of them being in a studio for months are long gone.
  4. Mark just confirmed on his stream that it isn't bone related, it's blood related regarding his cancer.
  5. Mark, you've always been my favourite member of the band. You're such a good dude who always looks the best in people. You're one of the main reasons why I got into music. I know you're going to beat this, and I know you're going come back and put on the best show possible. Wishing you the best of luck!
  6. Absolutely devastated by the news. As someone who has had family members with cancer, it absolutely sucks and is terrible news. The positive news, if you can call it positive, Mark can afford to get the best doctors and have the best treatment possible. I’m sure Mark will beat this and put on the best concert possible when he comes back.
  7. It's good that they're talking again. I mean, even if Blink never get back together, it's always good that they're getting on.
  8. The club will fail. Tom never sticks with the same idea for that long. Gets bored and moves on to the next project..... this time he's scamming people out of money and hoping it funds his next project.
  9. I used to remember when Tom could write catchy songs.
  10. Come off it. The site was a failure. There is a reason why Tom never talks about it. Tom would pop in once in a blue moon and leave after 5 minutes. Ryan Sinn was definitely the only one who was trying to make that site work. As people have said, Tom never delivers. He has these ideas and they're typically asshat. He can literally take $99 up front and have a live stream once and a while and make it seem that you've had your 99 dollars worth. He's doing so many different projects.... that you can't trust him. Also, it's not like Angels and Airwaves is a big band or anything. The hype to their fame was off the back from Blink breaking up. The only people who care about that band is Tom fans. This is a terrible cash grab.... and I hope he gets called out for it. He honestly should apologize, especially when people are struggling from COVID.
  11. Absolutely disgusting from Tom, especially during COVID. Why the hell do these rich celebrities need to charge those type of prices? How about you prove your worth and then start charging later down the line. I guarantee you they'll retract these prices and apologize for it. So fucking typical.
  12. Not on topic, but has anyone heard Yoshi's remixes of the Love albums? Pretty great stuff. He honestly turned a lot of those songs into gems.
  13. Not a bad song.... but awful lyrics.
  14. How many times have we heard that bullshit? We'll probably get more crap like California and Nine.
  15. They know all know the damn fools will eat it up. They can keep the dream alive that Tom will return the band..... whilst promoting their projects.
  16. When Tom sticks to the stuff he knows how to write, he's an amazing songwriter.
  17. I like it. That's what you can say about Tom. He can make a catchy song. He also can make those feel-good songs. That's what I feel Blink has been missing the last 4 years.
  18. People who chargeback are scum, especially when it's going to a good cause. I hope Mark takes this further and gets the money.
  19. Tom's always been a talented song writer when he sticks to his roots. It's what Blink have been lacking the last 5 years.
  20. It doesn't even state he completely sold the rights: Tom DeLonge said: “It is an honor to have been playing music for so many years and to be in a position to partner with the great team at Hipgnosis to support my work." It clearly states he's in a partnership with them. Seems like he'll still get royalties but not to the amount he was getting.
  21. I'm pretty certain Blink will do a tour with Angels and Airwaves. Mark did say he would be open to it in the past.
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