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  1. nice! but i guess it depends on how old it is. new standard precisions are like $320 or somewhere around there.
  2. holy crap i've never seen that on their site.... didn't you just buy your grabber like two months ago? i wouldn't get rid of it, no one these days has them pretty much. well whatever, its your choice. but how much are you gonna sell it for? cause last time i checked sting rays are about $1300 for a four string.
  3. $500 - $520 thats the prices i've seen anyway
  4. nice!! i have no idea what MIM is though
  5. here's your letter. awesome song
  6. eminem - mosh only rap song on my playlist...
  7. i guess that depends on ur taste, i love hollow bodies and f holes, and personally i kinda think the fender bass look is overrated, so r the guitars/basses themselves. dont get me wrong, theyre great basses, but theyre kinda overrated. by the way, do u trust epiphone? cuz theyre just gibons w/ cheaper prices...
  8. alright, i cant make up my mind. theres 2 basses that i wanna get, the first 1 is an ibanez artcore bass so yeah there r double cuts and single cuts. but i hear the single cuts supposed to sound better. not really sure y...but w/e. its like $400 at the most, which i think is cheaper than a fender standard jazz bass, er atleast close to the price. and its supposed to sound really good, but i dunno i havnt tried it out yet, but i love hollow bodies. OR a fender deluxe active jazz bass. around $550 at an average, atleast thats the lowest price ive seen for it so far. ive been wanting 1 of these for a while now, but i dunno its hella expensive compared to the ibanez so should spend my money on an artcore? or save up $200 more and spend it on a deluxe active jazz? i need more opinons, havnt really been able to decide.
  9. theyre both good, but since ur leaning toward a precision get that. but i'd personally prefer a jazz over a precision ezily
  10. taking back sunday - this photograph is proof
  11. im not a huge fan of light red, but i think it looks great
  12. i have nothing against precision basses. but i'd rather have a jazz bass cuz i think it sounds better in my opinoin and it looks alot more modernized than precision's and its body and pickguard and neck and everything else r just better. i think theyre alot more versatile than p basses 2.
  13. From what i've learned' date=' a sterling is to a stingray what a jazz is to a precision.[/quote'] never heard that...what kinda pickups to sterlings have? hb's? dont stingray's have hb's?
  14. i dont really know what to recommend, it depends on ur taste, but heres a few pickguards that i wish i had... />http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=47069&item=3766110725&rd=1#ebayphotohosting />http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v381/InfestedBlink/5a_1_b.jpg and i'd really like to have the 1 on fender deluxe active jazz basses...god i wish i had that bass
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