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  1. one thing to remember about the cutler/orton trade: the broncos have the #1 scoring defense IN THE LEAGUE.. the bears actually have a better scoring offense than the broncos. and mike nolan deserves as much credit as anybody for the broncos playing so well.
  2. i know how yall feel. the saints have sucked horribly for about 16 of the 22 years i've been watching them and done things like blow huge leads.
  3. the saints just raped the giants. and it wasn't even as close as the 48-27 score.
  4. the only good thing about the dolphins is that they're in miami.
  5. well brees has been in charge of the #1 offense for the past 3 years (scoring and yardage) with a crap o-line, weak running backs and no pro-bowl recievers (colston was in the pro-bowl in 06 though i believe). last year the dude threw for over 5000 yards and no reciever had over 1000 yards. this year his numbers will probably be way down because the running backs are much more solid. and sharper is absolutely a beast. maybe the mcdaniels dude knew what he was doing all along. kyle freaking orton looks like a decent qb. broncos look good.
  6. what do people outside of new orleans think of the saints?
  7. well that was pretty cool i hope the new stuff doesn't suck
  8. Is the sound/tone up to par with the standard?
  9. I prefer Gibson LPs to any other guitar I've played. I'm not too worried about the looks I just want the LP sound. After I wrap up college and all that I'll plunk down for a better one probably.
  10. All my guitars got flooded in katrina, and I haven't played since. Anywho, I wanna get back into it and I'm wondering if the studio has any negatives compared to the les paul standard. Thanks
  11. thanks for doing all this man. its very much appreciated
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