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  1. Considering Snake Charmer takes the exact same tune from The Machine (the bonus alt mix of Start the Machine from WDNTW), I'd say Tom was definitely involved with that song.
  2. Then that works out, Tom doesn't even like to play guitar live, half of his Angels shows have him without a guitar and just singing. It would look pretty lame though for everyone else to be playing instruments and singing and him just standing up there swaying his arms for a song he's not a singer in. Maybe Tom could do keyboard and synth live, he's done a little of that live before as I recall. Though realistically I think they would go the 2 guitars route for live shows if they do try and make it work as a 4-piece.
  3. Has anyone else noticed a recent rise in popularity of blink-182 within the zeitgeist? I mean it's mostly centered around their most pop-punk 1999-2001 sound, but I see and hear random blink things seemingly everywhere these days. My theory is it's a combination of a rise in popularity of the pop-punk genre as a whole again, Travis dating and now engaged to a Kardadhian, Travis dipping his fingers in music all over the place anymore with other popular musicians, Mark revealing and beating stage 4 cancer, and maybe even a little bit of Tom's general alien weirdness gaining more attention (like the other day a comedy podcast I enjoy randomly mentioned Tom DeLonge in regards to aliens and no further explanation was needed for the other guests on the show). It's almost the perfect storm of attention for all this stuff related to the band, that blink is at the center of it, so everyone just kinda naturally gravitating to thinking more about the band these days. At least that's my theory.
  4. I mean it's the immediate image that came to my mind the first time I heard it. So it certainly doesn't feel like a lot of work at all.
  5. I always took the line as Like a Ferris Wheel, (she was) full of blue green eyes. Like to me the lyric is remembering a specific ferris wheel lit up in the night sky with blue and green lights, it's such a vivid image that I swear I've seen it myself before. And he's likening her eyes to the same color and feeling he gets when he recollects that ferris wheel. At least, that's how I've always interpreted that, so it never really felt off in any way to me.
  6. It's gonna happen, it's just a matter of time, and I say that as someone who truly could take Tom or leave him in regard to returning to the band at this point. I think you're right that it will be awhile yet, but I think that's totally reasonable, Mark is still recovering, I don't think anyone is expecting or demanding them to just jump back into the studio. But, if we're reading the writing on the wall, I see no reason that Tom wont perform in blink again in the coming years.
  7. Meh, with how Microsoft has been treating games like Cuphead or Ori, a multiplatform release is definitely not off the table, with confirmation that some Bethesda games will remain multiplatform. If you want an Xbox, get one, but I would say don't let Elder Scrolls 6 be the deciding factor (at least yet) for doing so when the only exclusive Bethesda has thus far confirmed for Microsoft is Starfield. Heck, Todd Howard himself (CEO of Bethesda) has stated at this point: "it's hard to imagine not bringing The Elder Scrolls 6 to multiple platforms" https://www.gamesradar.com/todd-howard-says-its-hard-to-imagine-not-bringing-the-elder-scrolls-6-to-multiple-platforms/ Obviously not a confirmation, but when they're already laying down the plans for Starfield as Xbox exclusive, while being coy about other games like specifically ES6, then it's hard not to imagine that it will probably remain multiplatform.
  8. I believe they still intend for Elder Scrolls 6 to be multiplatform. Yes Microsoft now owns Bethesda, but they've already confirmed some games will remain multiplatform, while also confirming that new properties like Starfield will remain Xbox exclusive. So if getting an Xbox hinges on ES6 alone, I might recommend waiting to see what route they go with that game.
  9. Yeah, but totally understandable at the moment. No reason for some Oliver to start complaining that they're taking too long for their next release. Mark especially should just take his time before deciding to get the blink machine back in action.
  10. Come on now, to think that Rockstar could churn out 3 GTA 5 level games in the same amount of time (or even remotely close amount of time) as 3 GTA 3 games is ridiculous. Hell look how the script alone of how 4 compares to 3: And that's just the script, never mind all the extra time put in for the massive step up in graphics and detail. Might as well be asking why we don't get 3D Mario games at the same rate as the NES saw 2D Mario games. They're completely different beasts. And again, compound all of that with how they're trying to avoid massive work weeks and have normal 40 hour weeks (less than half as long per week that employees worked on RDR2) and there is no mystery on why this game is gonna be awhile. If we get a new Rockstar game on the scale of GTA 5 or RDR2 every 5 years at this point, we should consider ourselves lucky.
  11. Rockstar confirmed over a year ago that they've been working away on GTA 6 https://www.google.com/amp/s/screenrant.com/gta-6-confirmed-grand-theft-auto-size-map/amp/ Furthermore, they were under big scrutiny for the amount of crunch they put their workers on, with many reporting having worked 100 hour weeks on RDR2. Undoubtedly that won't be happening again, so that will influence all the more how much longer the game will take to make.
  12. I understand that's why people are upset. But as I was saying, Rockstar is huge, they undeniably have had a large team quietly working away on GTA 6 for a long time while another team continues to work on 5 rereleases and Online. I REALLY don't think 6 has been delayed in any major way despite how much 5/Online has indeed continued to be milked.
  13. People keep giving Rockstar shit for how long they're taking on GTA 6, but I just don't get the hate. Every game they make takes longer and longer to come out from the last one because they keep making their games bigger and better, and their refined polish upon release is nothing to scoff at (*cough Cyberpunk cough*). And their track record is phenomenal. You just know that when 6 does get released it will blow many minds. I agree it's dumb to see 5 rerelease again and again, but I also don't believe that if we didn't get those rereleases that 6 would be coming out any faster. If anything is slowing down the reveal of 6, I assume it's GTA Online. Still Rockstar is huge, I have to imagine they have a very large team dedicated just to GTA 6 and another team that just focuses on Online and the 5 Rereleases (among other unrelated teams for other titles).
  14. We'll see. You're probably right, but this does feel like a very Mark move in how he'd initially make such an announcement.
  15. Sure it rhymes Mark, but it was completely unprovoked and the dad humor was a bit cringe here even for yourself. If I had to guess, this is his coy way of first revealing that Tom is indeed coming back.
  16. I just hope this all has been enough to get Mark to write a bunch of blink songs himself again. The +44 album came from a lot of darker things happening in Mark's life at the same time, and arguably much of Mark's best songwriting is in that album. I dunno what exactly is next for blink, my gut says Tom is coming back sooner than later here, maybe he wont be on the next album, but man if he is back, and Mark writes some of his best songs for it, then it could be the perfect storm for one of blink's best albums. Not necessarily holding my breath for that scenario to play out for the next album, but I also don't see it as an impossibility at all at this point either.
  17. This is fantastic news. Way to kick cancer's ass Mark!
  18. Yeah, I wouldn't say Tom is doing anything crazy here, it does feel very tuned in to a specific sound he has explored before, but just more focused within it. And honestly I think it's a good move, it's a solid sound to explore more deeply. He's not gonna blow anyone's mind with this album, but if you like one song, you'll probably find a few songs here to enjoy, I think.
  19. No, sorry, I'm not saying you have any issue, but I see a lot of people online losing their shit over the casting, while frankly I think it just makes sense. Of course they're gonna get some big hollywood stars to play the characters, despite the fact we've known a certain voice in the video games for years at this point.
  20. The movie itself had been announced a couple of years ago, it's the casting news that is breaking the internet. Frankly, I don't see the issue, nothing here feels much more crazy than Ben Schwartz as Sonic, which totally worked.
  21. Solid album overall. I mean, Nine is still by far a better album, but this kicks California's ass, as well as Dreamwalker's. Very happy with the latest output of both parties here. I would argue this might be the best Angels and Airwaves album, or at lest their best album since I-Empire.
  22. New song is weak. Not as bad as Rebel Girl, but it's definitely a forgettable one. Parts of the tune are really reminiscent of Rollercoaster by Bleachers too, but that song is so much better, that I'm gonna go listen to that one as a cleanse from this meh of a song lol.
  23. Reminds me of back in the day where my gym would play Fall Out Boy all the time. And that definitely had an effect on how much I dislike that band lol.
  24. They're fine. Honestly, better than 95% of the shit on the top 40s stations these days. Not an all time favorite of mine, but they've got some songs I really enjoy.
  25. Eh, for normal people, sure, but for a rockstar like Travis, this seems like life as usual, you know? Like if this was completely outside of character for the man, then yeah, red flags would be going off. But let's be realistic here, this is entirely on-brand for Travis, and I honestly can't blame him. He did the whole dedicated marriage thing a couple of times before and it didn't really work out for him. I'm sure he definitely shares a fair amount of blame for that, but that doesn't change the fact that this does seem to be who he is and who he always has been. And if it keeps him happy, then more power to him.
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