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  1. Yeah, I wouldn't say Tom is doing anything crazy here, it does feel very tuned in to a specific sound he has explored before, but just more focused within it. And honestly I think it's a good move, it's a solid sound to explore more deeply. He's not gonna blow anyone's mind with this album, but if you like one song, you'll probably find a few songs here to enjoy, I think.
  2. No, sorry, I'm not saying you have any issue, but I see a lot of people online losing their shit over the casting, while frankly I think it just makes sense. Of course they're gonna get some big hollywood stars to play the characters, despite the fact we've known a certain voice in the video games for years at this point.
  3. The movie itself had been announced a couple of years ago, it's the casting news that is breaking the internet. Frankly, I don't see the issue, nothing here feels much more crazy than Ben Schwartz as Sonic, which totally worked.
  4. Solid album overall. I mean, Nine is still by far a better album, but this kicks California's ass, as well as Dreamwalker's. Very happy with the latest output of both parties here. I would argue this might be the best Angels and Airwaves album, or at lest their best album since I-Empire.
  5. New song is weak. Not as bad as Rebel Girl, but it's definitely a forgettable one. Parts of the tune are really reminiscent of Rollercoaster by Bleachers too, but that song is so much better, that I'm gonna go listen to that one as a cleanse from this meh of a song lol.
  6. Reminds me of back in the day where my gym would play Fall Out Boy all the time. And that definitely had an effect on how much I dislike that band lol.
  7. They're fine. Honestly, better than 95% of the shit on the top 40s stations these days. Not an all time favorite of mine, but they've got some songs I really enjoy.
  8. Eh, for normal people, sure, but for a rockstar like Travis, this seems like life as usual, you know? Like if this was completely outside of character for the man, then yeah, red flags would be going off. But let's be realistic here, this is entirely on-brand for Travis, and I honestly can't blame him. He did the whole dedicated marriage thing a couple of times before and it didn't really work out for him. I'm sure he definitely shares a fair amount of blame for that, but that doesn't change the fact that this does seem to be who he is and who he always has been. And if it keeps him happy, then more power to him.
  9. Reminds me how back in the day, people genuinely believed a conspiracy that the 2 women making out in the I Miss You video were Mark and Tom. I remember them pointing to the moles on one of the girls and how they line up with Tom's moles. Fuckin this kind of shit lol
  10. Rebel Girl is the worst of the new songs in my opinion. I very much like Kiss and Tell though. Overall I think I'm gonna like this album a lot. I'm enjoying most of these new songs, except again Rebel Girl. Think this is shaping up to be my favorite AaA album thus far. I would love to keep shitting on Tom until he comes back to blink (which I'm very certain he will at this point), but objectively, I'm finding a lot here that I genuinely enjoy. Looking forward to hearing the remainder of the album.
  11. I think even if they stayed together that first time, the followup album still would have turned out similar to Neighborhoods. Tom was not willing to meet up in person regularly to create that next album, and as Mark has said, they would have had to create the album over the internet, which ended up being exactly what happened when they got back together anyway. I would love to believe they had an album to top Untitled next, but realistically, it seems like we were always in store for some sort of Neighborhoods release regardless. And hey, it's a fine album, but Untitled is a far better album, at least in my opinion.
  12. A great game, just a shame that the message in a bottle mechanic is completely dead now. Was such a unique way to add some interactivity with other players. I know Miiverse is dead (and because this mechanic had replaced the Tingle Tuner, it lacks that feature too, which is crazy because they could have made it easily work with the GamePad and having Player 1 use a pro controller), but Nintendo has still managed to spiritually keep Miiverse features going in Splatoon 2 and Mario Maker 2, wish they could do something similar for old games that had great Miiverse content. I also don't see why they couldn't do something similar for a Smashverse like stage in Ultimate. Wii U may not have been a commercial success, but that didn't mean it didn't have some great ideas, and I really think they were onto something with Miiverse.
  13. Man, I love the smiley logo. I agree they have had a lot of not great merch, but there is also a fair amount over the years that I really like a lot too. It's a mixed bag for me for sure.
  14. The Wii U is legit quite possibly my all time favorite gaming system, especially if you hack it out. Once hacked out it can be your all-in-one Nintendo player (aside from the Switch of course), with even the ability to remote play your own hacked N3DS as well. I've been doing discovering and releasing a bunch of aesthetic hacks for the system lately, with my latest endeavor being custom themes, something that Nintendo never implemented for the system (I also kinda restored the Wara Wara Plaza to reflect whatever thoughts I have about video games and gaming, it's pretty dang cool honestly). Check out a couple of the themes I've recently put together: This is my Vaporwave theme: This is my first dark theme with purple accents (have also done one with light blue accents and intend to do other colors): (Also check out the Zelda screen lol, really love all of this. Anyone that is curious, the first title in the upper left is actually the GameCube collection disc that included both NES titles and both N64 titles. The third one in the middle is actually just a special GBA emulator for the Wii U that I made with just a directory of the 3 GBC Zelda titles. Ocarina of Time/Master Quest is the other GameCube promotional disc that included both experiences, and the title to the right of that is a really solid N64 Rom Hack, The Missing Link). I know this stuff isn't for everyone, but I love the Wii U, so for me, this has been a lot of fun, and I love how much personality my little device now has, and how many truly great games it can play.
  15. No shit lol. Sorry probably should have said that's just my dream for such a collection while being completely aware it's not in the cards at all.
  16. They should still include Liberty City Stories and Vice City Stories in the collection as separate campaigns within 3 and Vice City. Hell, it'd be amazing if they went all out and put all 3 games (or 5 if they added the 2 stories titles) in the same world map, and allow us to not only freely travel across all 3 regions vial plane or boat, but also allow us to switch campaigns in an instant, ideally in the same way as how you switch characters in GTA V. Now I know there would be hurdles to that last idea, but workarounds could certainly be made, each game takes place in a different era, so just say you're also changing the year when you switch campaigns, and when you do, restrict the vehicles that show up to only those that were in the game of the campaign you're playing, likewise only make the radio stations from that game available when playing as that character, and change how the UI looks based on which character you switch too (ya know, like how Vice City had that vaporwave aesthetic). Now that would truly make it the complete and definitive way to play what I collectively call the complete GTA 3 Experience: all 5 of the PS2 era games together in one world map.
  17. Yeah, Green Day would be my immediate thought: 3 piece pop punk band, didn't breakout with their first album, had some growing pains, replaced drummer early on. Depending on how things play out moving forward, the potential to become a 4 piece band is there, which Green Day officially did for a few years with Jason White.
  18. Losing My Mind feels like a solid radio hit, but it leaves much to be desired from me. I do enjoy it, but I dunno, something about it isn't quite clicking with me, not like some of these other new songs have anyway.
  19. Ah, well it's definitely not a main focus at all if it was only in the intro part, hell I didn't even notice it. I'd still say his show seems a far cry away from the morning zoo kinda radio shows you were talking about. Cuz I know what you're talking about, and those shows are obnoxious to say the least.
  20. Maybe I just didn't register it on my listen through, but I didn't notice any goofy sound effects or voices in Mark's podcast.
  21. Honestly I kinda found it refreshing. I listen to a lot of traditional podcasts these days, and haven't listened in on a proper radio show in a long time, so to hear something like this had a certain kind of nostalgic charm for me, couple that with the fact that most the songs played were blink related, and I was a fan of this podcast, at least this episode anyway.
  22. It still looks so awkward to see him on stage without a guitar. He clearly doesn't know what to do with both his hands or even his legs lol while he's singing. And it's not like there is a great excuse for it, it's not like Tom is using all his inner being and effort to ensure his voice sounds so fantastic that he couldn't possibly be also focusing on a guitar at the same time.
  23. And did he genuinely discover anything new? He just kinda fused blink with U2 and Radiohead and declared himself a genius. Not that there isn't a fair amount of songs in there that I love, but to say he went and discovered new uncharted territories for the music scene, is giving him way way too much credit.
  24. But I genuinely love Nine. If that's what they can do with guest writers, and if this is what Angels and Airwaves is with guest writers, then legit, I have zero problem with it. Having said that, Mark has now been through some shit, I will be disappointed if he doesn't get back to writing some full songs on his own for the album after the next (assuming the nearly finished album they had been working on still comes out)
  25. I think ultimately, other writers are other writers. And if someone is outraged that Mark wasn't writing all his own songs on California and Nine, then you can't fault that same kind of person for being upset that Tom isn't writing all his own songs, regardless of how many other people they have helping write songs. Having said that, I genuinely don't care who writes what, as long as it sounds good coming out of Mark or Tom's voices and instruments, then I truly couldn't care less. I know they can write great music on their own, so it's not like they have to prove anything to me at this point.
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