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  1. Anyone else been playing with AI programs like Dall-E Mini? It's pretty impressive what it can do, creating images from prompts that you give it. Though the next generation of Dall-E looks far far far more impressive, to like a creepy degree, that's known as Dall-E 2, but that can only be used if you receive an invite at this time. Anyway, that's my long roundabout way of saying I wanted to see what the widely available current version can create with some blink prompts. Here is what the AI created with only the input of blink-182 smiley (FYI, every prompt outputs 9 different possibilities, so that's why each prompt has an array of 9 images): I genuinely love some of these. Obviously it never nails it, and it almost seems like it mostly thinks the arrows come from the right side instead of the left (though some like the middle definitely recognize the arrows on both sides). I really like the smiley that the middle right created, I love how the eyes and smile just run together in one long line. This is what I got from the prompt of blink-182 album cover: I don't think any of these would ever work as a blink album cover, though there is some interesting stuff in there. It really wants to use some sort of circle design, which I'm pretty sure is being based off the smiley that appears among so much of their media since 2003. Finally, this is what I got with the prompt of blink-182 art: Now there is some really cool shit in here. I could actually see some of this stuff on like a tour poster, that bottom right image is fantastic, love the top left, top middle looks like it could be a genuine album cover for an actual band. Really the only one here that isn't doing much of anything for me in this selection is the bottom left, everything else here looks solid.
  2. I mean it leaked through his organization and afterwards the government said the shit was real. I don't think his organization has accomplished much else in terms of disclosure, but still that wasn't nothing. Credit where credit is due in my book. Even though again, I know that average Joe is well aware that there has been shit in our skies that we weren't able to identity the origin of.
  3. Damn, I was even kinda sorta starting to have a little bit of respect for the To The Stars Academy. There is no denying that those leaked videos did get the government to finally admit that UFOs/UAPs are real. I mean I think we all knew that there was unidentified shit that has been in our airways before, but still to get it to be confirmed by the government is still an accomplishment in it's own right. Kinda seemed like Tom wasn't completely full of shit, or wasn't just the pawn in something bigger than he fully realizes. But this... this is just gross, and removes what little respect I was starting to have for his organization.
  4. Nah, I don't mean to offend, this is all just a testament to how out of touch I am with this site anymore. I still love blink, and video games, and comic book movies, but I know I am not on anyone's radar here, and to be fair I never have been. Sure, someone like Ghent or Reefer (is he still here?) might recognize me, but his place is far from my crowd any more. So naturally, the things that are inside jokes for you are going to go completely over my head.
  5. Ah forgive me, I only casually view these boards anymore. I'd be lying if I said I even knew who Bucko really is at this point lol.
  6. I just want to make it clear that a thought I had over a decade ago isn't even something I stand by anymore. It's funny how we become different people as we get older, there are a lot of things I said a decade ago that I've grown to now feel very different about today.
  7. Was this worth quoting something I said over 10 years ago, in a thread that had died 10 years ago? I don't even stand by most of that sentiment anymore. I'm glad they started the Spider-Man series over yet again, I've liked the Tom Holland MCU version, and I very much loved the way they worked with the multiverse to have the 3 different iterations of Spider-Man be in the same movie together. That's some nerd satisfying shit. Also, while I was never a fan of Garfield's version of Spider-Man, I loved him in No Way Home, I think a lot of what didn't work about The Amazing movies was probably the writing above all else.
  8. Alright, I'll take your word on it then. But legit, if you ever need some ears or a friend, that's all I'm really here for, beyond talking about blink related things of course lol.
  9. Your posts tend to deflect, insult, and joke. But legit, I often sense some deep pain behind your posts. I genuinely do hope you're ok and no one deeply hurt you in your youth. If you insist that such a thing never happened, I'll take your word for it, but truly, if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm here dude (seriously, not joking).
  10. Alright, I don't mean to sidetrack any more than we already have or anything, but just a genuine question, were you bullied in school? Or maybe a bully yourself? This seems like such an awfully pedantic and insignificant thing to make such a big deal about and write a novel over. But perhaps I'm just not fully appreciating where you've been coming from.
  11. I decided that the conclusion I drew was valid based on the context clues and you have done nothing to invalidate that conclusion. It is ultimately an understandable opinion to come to, so it's hilarious that you think I'm insane to hold it.
  12. After looking through those other posts, I decided the conclusion I drew was correct, deal with it. You've really done nothing to convince me otherwise. He genuinely seems more excited by the other reunion than the MCR opening band reunion. But apparently reaching that conclusion through context clues means I'm living in my own little world LOL.
  13. I mean what are you struggling with here? There are 2 reunions he's been talking about, and even if you don't accept that the first post I pointed to seemed to illustrate he's more interested in one reunion over the MCR opening band reunion, surely you saw this other post, that clearly illustrates the other reunion seems to be of more interest to him: But hey, if you can point out why he doesn't seem more excited for this reunion, or if you can point out why there aren't 2 reunions he's been talking about, then sure, I'll concede I live in my own little world. (@Kibbles, if you skimmed this post, I'm not saying you've misunderstood anything here, this post is just for ole Russel here). Oh and to answer my own question, it would seem that Midtown is the not the main reunion he was excited about, given that this is the band he said would be revealed in March, and are opening for (at the time of the first mention here, redacted, but presumably MCR as noted in that other post). There is definitely one other reunion he's excited for that hasn't been announced yet.
  14. But is this the one he seemed more excited for, or the other reunion band that will be opening for MCR?
  15. I see a Tom reunion of some sort happening, but I do think it will mean the band becomes an occasional thing instead of any of their main focus. As that seems to be the only realistic way that the band can move forward while adhering to Tom's wants and desires.
  16. He just said the other day that he's finally feeling the desire to play and make music again, which he said he hasn't felt since before his cancer.
  17. Considering Mark told GQ the following only 3 months ago in regard to the question of what Blink-182 might look like now that he's cancer-free: "We haven't really talked about that, but I'm open to anything in the future,” said Hoppus. “I don't know how that would work if it's all four of us. Like we're all going to live in the same house again?”" I'd hold off on that assumption you have there. It sure sounds like Mark is interested in keeping Skiba around if Tom returns. He envisions it potentially working as a four piece. I know it's not much to go on, but it's the most we really have to draw on, beyond vague social media posts and the fact that they scrapped the album (which to me, I'd argue is a point for Tom returning but not necessarily booting Skiba, they don't want to release a whole bunch of new material without Tom, if he's eager to get back to work on blink). Of course by no means is that a guarantee that will happen either. And I think that's my point, we don't know, we can speculate, but there is no good proof yet of what the future of the band will look like in regard to if Tom does return and what would happen with Skiba.
  18. I think regardless of if Tom returns or not, Mark will approach the next album reinspired, wanting only the band to write most, if not all, of the album. I mean if everything that he's gone through personally, in addition to all the major world events, in the time since Nine isn't enough inspiration to write on his own for the band again, then I don't think anything could bring him back to that again at that point.
  19. See its the use of the word 'even' there that implies (to me anyway) "yeah, this is an exciting reunion, but not EVEN the one I've been hyping." Maybe that's a wrong interpretation. But it's a pretty pedantic correction regardless. Point taken I suppose. Still my main overall point stands, Mr Blonde didn't read through enough and misunderstood what the point of that post is: people don't think the band opening for MCR is the potential blink reunion, it's the other reunion that he only mentions at the end in passing.
  20. Read the full post. The point is the reunion that guy knows about and is most excited for ISN'T the other reunion of some other band that will be opening for MCR, but that is another reunion happening this year all the same.
  21. Yeah, certainly reads like that. Makes sense, he did put together All That's Left is Love very quickly when Covid had set in. As an aside, love that song, wish it were on Lifeforms.
  22. Crikey! There's two of 'em! What a sight to behold, we must not disrupt their delicate ecosystem, let's just continue to watch from a distance.
  23. This has gotta be the one being on these boards that actually likes California more than Nine. I heard legends that such beings exist, but never thought I'd actually see one out in the wild like this. What a rare sighting.
  24. Considering Snake Charmer takes the exact same tune from The Machine (the bonus alt mix of Start the Machine from WDNTW), I'd say Tom was definitely involved with that song.
  25. Then that works out, Tom doesn't even like to play guitar live, half of his Angels shows have him without a guitar and just singing. It would look pretty lame though for everyone else to be playing instruments and singing and him just standing up there swaying his arms for a song he's not a singer in. Maybe Tom could do keyboard and synth live, he's done a little of that live before as I recall. Though realistically I think they would go the 2 guitars route for live shows if they do try and make it work as a 4-piece.
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