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  1. I'd argue that Hungover You has some clear Skiba influence in there. Can't imagine that song sounding the same without his input. That isn't to say I think it sounds like an Alkaline Trio song, but I do think you get clear indications of where he has some clear input to the creative process on Nine, certainly more than just Black Rain.
  2. I mean it was limited to 500,000 copies, but that limitation was very real. Back in the late 2000s (2007ish/2008ish I think), I tried to buy a new copy of the album, but couldn't find one anywhere, sure you could get it used, but new copies were nowhere to be found, and I looked for at least a year or two.
  3. Mark, Tom, and Travis Show was initially limited too, but in recent years became much more available. Hopefully we don't have to wait that long to see more physical versions of DED on sale, but I do think this isn't the last we'll have seen of physical releases for Dogs Eating Dogs regardless.
  4. I like Skiba in blink, I really like his voice, it works well with Mark's. However, seeing that Tom is sure he'll join back up with blink at some point now, and everyone seemingly to be pretty cool with each other, it does seem like Tom being back in blink at some point here is an inevitability. And it's certainly not a future I want to avoid. But I do hope that should that day come that they try and make it work as a 4 piece unit, blink could use a rhythm guitarist in Skiba, and I'd love to hear songs that could now make use of all 3 voices and any combination of the the 3. At least give it a trial, that's pretty much what Green Day did with Jason White, making him the official 4th member for a few years before being dropped from that position (though still around as I understand it), hopefully a blink release in a 4 unit structure would be better than that trilogy though.
  5. I get that you're saying that when it comes to sampling and the like in that you're not required to ask permission, but if we're talking about what I find disrespectful or not, I find taking someone else's art without permission and appropriating it for your own career to be a bit scummy. Likewise, Weird Al doesn't need to ask permission to parody the songs he does, but he always gets permission to parody every song that he does. To me, that is how you do it right and I really respect that, even though he doesn't have to do that.
  6. haha, you're alright Speedo, you're alright.
  7. Ok, calling him a douche was probably too far, I don't hate Vanilla Ice, but at that particular moment in history he seemed like a bit of a scumbag to me.
  8. Considering that Queen and David Bowie were not originally credited for the track, and it would have stayed that way had the song not caught on and become a big hit, I do find it disrespectful. Vanilla Ice is a douche at the end of the day. To a similar extent, I found it really gross how similar that Sam Smith song was to Tom Petty's Wont Back Down. And he too originally gave no credit to Tom Petty, but after backlash gave him co-writing credit. Like I seriously don't mind if you do want to reuse a tune, but if you're going to be so blatant about it and give no credit, then I find that disrespectful. Ask permission, give co-writing credit from the start and then I wont look at you as a hack of a musician (or at least far less of one).
  9. Except, he did it without permission, and then tried to defend his action by stating that because it didn't have those 2 piano keys after the beat that it wasn't stealing. And this was at a time before sampling became what it is today, I have no issue with doing it the legit way where you get proper permission from the original artist. But when you're straight up stealing without asking, (which isn't a far cry away from some of the tunes we hear lifted from other artists and implemented within songs like Green Day's American Idiot album), then that's a different story in my opinion.
  10. Well we certainly don't have to agree on personal preferences. But for me, I don't think it'd have bothered me at all if the tune for Ice Ice Baby was lifted from some of Vanilla Ice's other music, compared to how disrespectful it was to blatantly steal the tune from Under Pressure (and then of course couple that with how he'd go on to try and argue how they aren't the same at all).
  11. This has always been my opinion on the first title. I see so much praise for the game as a great video game, yet all everyone ever talks about is the story and cinematics. The gameplay of The Last of Us isn't frankly all that amazing in my opinion. It's fine, but in all reality, it always just felt like an interactive long movie. Nothing necessarily wrong with that, I'm sure plenty of people want that with their video games, but for me, I'm in it more to have fun with the gameplay while story tends to come second, if I want a great story, I'd rather just watch a movie or TV show. Like I bet The Last of Us TV show in the works will be exactly the format that I'd rather receive this kind of story from.
  12. True, and I have far less of an issue when a band is just ripping off themselves. I think it's a bit more disheartening when they're heavily borrowing from other artists.
  13. I don't think he's denying that, he's just saying once you recognize where the tunes are being lifted from, it can be annoying especially when an album is full of it, and I get it to an extent. I can typically look past it if the music is still good. But it is interesting, you see Underclass Hero by Sum 41 get shit on a lot for that very thing, but I'd argue that album is no worse in that regard than American Idiot is. I think the Sum 41 situation just got more shit because it was the first album without the genuine talent of Brownsound infusing the music full of his own unique sounds, like Sum 41 prior to Underclass Hero weren't so known for borrowing so heavily from other music, while Green Day had been doing that for long before American Idiot. Frankly, I'd probably put both those albums on about the same level, enjoyable listens start to finish, not particularly breaking new ground with anything they're putting forward, fun to listen to over and over for brief periods of life, but too much can quickly get you turned off of the album and put it on a shelf again for months or even years before you listen again.
  14. Oh you didn't need to link me, I concede I was wrong as soon as you first corrected me, I was just recognizing that for years I was somehow misinformed.
  15. Well I say more than enough time, because Green Day got in their first year they possibly could. Even if blink gets in in 5 years (which is undeniably quick with the rock and roll hall of fame), it would still speak to how much more of a cultural impact Green Day had over blink considering how much quicker one got in over the other.
  16. I swear I recall hearing how demos and self-released stuff counted. I've been basing my thoughts on how the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame functions for years on that understanding.
  17. 25 years from your first release, including super indie DIY stuff like blink's earliest demos. Flyswatter was released in 1993. So they'd have been eligible for the 2018, 2019, and 2020 inductions.
  18. Probably Green Day. They've won grammys and quickly got inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and no one batted an eye. Blink never seems to even be in that discussion despite more than enough time passing for them to be inducted. Shit, Green Day even got their own Rock Band game, and the only other band to ever get their own Rock Band game was The Beatles, clearly Green Day have left a sizable cultural mark. But, there certainly have been times where blink felt like the bigger band, that Pop-Disaster tour closing with blink every night is a good example of that. But, being the band with the bigger cultural impact doesn't mean you're the better more entertaining band. Looking to Untitled vs American Idiot both came out within a year of each other, and both went platinum, but AI sold considerably better and picked up a bunch of awards, but at the end of the day that Untitled album is not only better (which it definitely is if you ask me), I also feel like it was an album with way more to say and far more willing to take chances than AI ever did.
  19. Great album, but nah, Untitled is definitely better. American Idiot does get tired if you play it too much, and it has a bit of a lull in the middle of the album. Untitled never managed to get that staleness going for me, and stays strong from start to finish.
  20. I'm not saying those aren't collabs as well. But there is something more happening when you're the one being featured vs the other way around that I'm more interested in the reasoning as to why we don't see much of that at all. When he features an artist that means he (or his management) has to be the one to ask to make it happen, so it's easy to understand why and how those collabs occur, but when he's the one being feature, presumably the other artist has to reach out and ask if Tom would be interested, leading me to wonder if others simply don't ask him to appear in their work, or if there is more to it than that.
  21. I'm not upset if you think I am. I'm just trying to understand your reasoning, and it isn't really adding up for me is all. I don't think your new answer is really it either, cuz aside from that Say Anything song, I can't think of another song Tom has ever appeared on outside of his own releases in the nearly 30 years of blink, while Mark has had plenty (and obviously Travis has too). I wonder if he's not asked as much as Mark, or if he's just more picky, or if it's a control thing.
  22. Yeah, I'm not really looking at it from the having artists appear on his albums. Cuz there is that, Robert Smith, Yelawolf, etc. I just mean, that you never see other artists feature Tom (outside of Say Anything, unless I'm missing something else).
  23. Artists don't tend to get asked to guest for other bands when they are considered to be without talent. You may not like that they work with other song writers, but I highly doubt that the reason they're showing up on other artists' work now is because they don't write as much of their own material. Doesn't really translate, especially when we go back years ago to the +44 days (when Mark was still writing all his own music), and Mark was guest vocaling on all sorts of other band's tracks, while Tom still was not being seen outside of his own projects.
  24. I'm not sure how that relates to the question. How does having ideas or not for songs translate to being more interested or not in collabing with other artists? If anything, if someone has a lot of ideas for songs, you think they'd be more willing to share and work with others to show off their versatile talents.
  25. Oh yeah, I forgot about that one. Was really struggling to think of any other bands/artists' songs he's appeared on. But yeah, he definitely has always been a bit of a control freak.
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