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  1. buy an MBOX and a good condencer mic. don't get any usb mics, you'll loose sound quality.
  2. I'm waiting until it's actually released so I don't ruin the suprise.
  3. Just got back from the mall. Journeys recently got a Macbeth shipment, so I bought a pair of Rinndel's. A 9 fits perfectly.
  4. did you buy yours on the web or at a store? if so, what place? (besides loserkids)
  5. thanks dude, anyone else have any helpful information?
  6. how do the macbeth shoes run? big or small? in comparason to something like vans, which i currently have. i want new kicks and im thinking about some macbeths. oh, and in vans i wear an 8.
  7. -bad grades -weird parents -limited money -other shows that i might go to. but this is one that i really might actually see.
  8. http://gamh.com/artist_pages/angels_and_airwaves_050506.htm i'm 75 % sure i'm going.
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