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  1. This movie obviously sucks. They're taking too long. We first heard of a "movie" in 2005 but that turned into a documentary. This movie was meant to come out with I-Empire. Now it's "Love" with extra pieces. Its been made up and altered as they go along to save it from being complete shit. It will not be worth the wait. xXx
  2. Its nice. Really light weight guitar so its really easy to play. Short neck, Low action so great for lead, Extremely versatile and looks great. Its really nice i just never play it and it needs used and abused by someone who wants it. I might stick it up on ebay. xXx
  3. Anyone want to buy this? http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=170469951249&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT#ht_500wt_1182 xXx
  4. Thinking about selling my Yamaha as I never play it. Two years old, very good condition, very slight marks from belt etc.. not really noticeable. Probably played about ten times at home altogether. Soft gig bag and strap included. Location London UK. Thinking about £150 GBP. Any interest? Cheers xXx
  5. I think its just a bad demo. Nice stills xXx
  6. Performance parts were way too dark. Haven't we already seen Tom walking around aimlessly before. AVA video = Prancing around. Jackets were very silly. xXx
  7. their guitar riffs: Delayed. :-D sry, i had to Ha, Touché xXx
  8. Yes. Delayed. Where is the LOVE movie? Delayed. Changing the world? Delayed xXx
  9. 7/10 Better than I-Empire. Whens this film out then? xXx
  10. On tv in the UK there is a version where it doesn't show any off the band below the waist for day time airing, and then the normal version with full bodies and blurred cocks. They prolong scenes so that the camera doensn't show them fully, its not this waist level up version is it? xXx
  11. "Always" and "Not Now" are going to be great. xXx
  12. If it stays on the set list 'Always' because its never really been played before and if they practice they could make it amazing. xXx
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