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  1. Does anyone remember the video with Tom playing guitar, and he was mocking what someone was saying? I _think_ it was on one of the docs. Can anyone find that?
  2. Harmony les paul copy with EMG active pickups. I love it. Thanks for all the recommendations guys, I will look into them all!
  3. Hey guys, it's been a while since I've played in a band with dudes and it was more than just messing around. And back when I was in a semi serious thing, I was a broke high schooler. I'm an adult now and can spend a little more on an Amp that will fit. I'm looking for recommendations either for a head+stack setup or a combo (tube?) set-up that will be loud enough for smaller shows were amps aren't mic'd. I'm in a easycore/pop-punk band so I'm looking for something that would suite that well. Any recommendations? Thanks guys.
  4. >http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5IffNxitA1w This has little to do with favre. but I don't care.
  5. Superhero


    I thinks she much more attractive in that video with the 'big' hair. I'm a sucker for scene girls.
  6. yeah for what it is, it's awesome. it's not like it's a new blink single or anything, just travis and mark doing some work.
  7. just got my tickets for august the 18th
  8. I think he means the guitar, unless he meant to post this in the drum forum and didn't. just saying. How can any blink fan not like feeling this, I think it's iconic of their new style. My favorite song of all time.
  9. podcast question... have you guys set up an rss feed for this podcast? I want to subscribe? If you haven't you should send it through itunes.
  10. listen to DQ Blizzard by mc chris... Then listen to Dysentery gary.
  11. I thought secret crowds was always at first.
  12. The voter deadline is different for every state. State Voter Registration Deadline Alabama Fri, Oct. 24 Alaska Sun, Oct. 5 (postmark by Sat, Oct. 4) Arizona Mon, Oct. 6 Arkansas Mon, Oct. 6 California Mon, Oct. 20 Colorado Mon, Oct. 6 Connecticut Tues, Oct. 21 Delaware Sat, Oct. 11 District of Columbia Mon, Oct. 6 Florida Mon, Oct. 6 Georgia Mon, Oct. 6 Hawaii Mon, Oct. 6 Idaho Register at Polls Illinois Tues, Oct. 7 Indiana Mon, Oct. 6 Iowa Fri, Oct. 24 (or on Election Day at polling place) Kansas Mon, Oct. 20 Kentucky Mon, Oct. 6 Louisiana Mon, Oct.
  13. no thats def a rerecording and def not Mark. No it's a vocal strip. You often get a lot of the harmonies and backing vocals with those, and that's what this song has.
  14. Superhero

    fun fuckin night

    Yes you can tell by the harsh shadows that most of that light was from the on camera flash. Looks good kevy.
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