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  1. So far my predictions in the other topic have come right
  2. I know it's a little late now but Mowbray is a really good manager and I think given time he would have been as succesful as Strachan. I think you are being harsh on him rory saying he only had 3 good moments in his 9 months here. I would be happy with Steve Mclaren or Sven!
  3. Yeah I can't understand the hype with Smalling, he has always looked quite error prone and poor positioning. Maybe a new defensive coach and management team will help him (not saying Fullhams are bad at all). What happened to villa, I can't believe it when I seen the score. I still think Chelsea will win the league but it will be close. Great win for Celtic today
  4. www.atdhe.net www.p2p4u.net www.myp2p.eu
  5. I always thought that they played Down like that, made it more slower and softer.
  6. I have read a few theories, one that I liked was debunked in the last episode, that Locke and Jacob were the same person, just different sides like a Conscience.
  7. I would give this episode 7/10, imo it's much better than half the episodes in the last season and the Tiger Woods game was funny. Also it was hilarious seeing Mulder in the sex clinic, as soon as I seen the celebrities in the room I just knew he would be there. I thought with the alien story though they would have got him more involved.
  8. I think Fullhams best bet would be to get Standard Liege or Benfica as both those teams are probably the weakest out of the bunch. I hope Fullham go onto win it.
  9. Wow, great night for Fullham tonight. I am so happy for them, I was celebrating when they got the 4th. I've never been happier than a team that is not my own has won a game. Brilliant stuff.
  10. As a Scotsman I am gutted for David Beckham. I don't want England to win the World Cup, however if David Beckham were to have a hand in it then I wouldn't mind as he is a great player and professional. I was watching the game and as soon as he pulled up I instantly knew he was going to be out. Cracking goal from Seedorf right after though. Also regarding Smalling wanting a draw, I can understand your point Tom but if he came out and said I want to beat United the media would have twisted it and he may get a harsh welcome when he joins the club. It's much safer just to stay neutral!
  11. Ive hated Kate for ages, I think Jack is one of the best characters in the show, his story arc is definatly the most interesting, turning from man of science to man of faith. Ben or Sawyer are the best though
  12. Cuth

    The Pacific

    This looks brilliant, it will be brilliant. It's not out in UK until late April, what about the US?
  13. I think Aqualini's criticism is unfair, he was out for a while and it takes time to adapt. Maybe he just doesn't suit Rafa's formation, I think he will come good. I also really like Lucas, but he was an attacking midfielder for Brazil, box to box until he went to Liverpool I think Liverpool need a new manager as Benitez is too stubborn to change.
  14. I think Liverpool have not addressed some clear problems for a few years now. They still don't have a top quality left back, Insua is very good but he is still too young for me. He would be a great backup, they need someone better. Also they need a right winger, I know they signed Maxi who I thought would be a great signing but i haven't seen much of him so I don't know how he has done, anyway they need another one. Also a change of formation, it just doesn't work.
  15. Cheated by the ref again. If Brown red card was fair then Lafferty should have walked. Also nobody seems to have noticed Weir's kick at Fortune when he is running to the ref to protest at the red. Bougherra, yellow carded in 10th minute, commits 5 more fouls and the referee doesn't even have a word with him. Such a fucking joke.
  16. I don't know how backgammon works so I don't really understand what you mean. I don't really get what he means either but backgammon is a game where the board is split into four sections (a horizontal and vertical line). There are spaces on each side vertically with pieces arragned in a certain way before the game starts. Each player has to get their pieces back to their corner of the board using dice. Once all their pieces are back they can start to remove them based on what they get on the throw of the dice. For example if you have a piece on square 5 and square 6 (they are more like long triangles than squares) and you roll a 5 and a 6 then you can take a piece of that bit. The winner is the person who removes all their pieces.
  17. I feel sorry for Shawcross, it was a 50-50 ball and it could easily have been him lying there with the broken leg, with the way both the players were moving. I think it will affect him greatly and the media are going to put pressure on him, especially when he comes back from suspension. Hope Ramsey gets better soon. I cannot wait until the old firm game. Hail Hail!
  18. I agree, Zamora is not my favourite player. I think he is having a very good season but he has not really shown anything before this season to suggest he could maintain his form. Maybe he is a late bloomer like Ian Wright was though. I just think he is pretty poor at passing and looks awkward on the ball. Fullham should buy a top quality striker in the next window. Jess, McDonald is pretty bad at penalties. He missed a few for Celtic.
  19. The Arsenal porto game was a typo! Cracking game tonight, I have seen Ronaldinho a few times this season and he is looking like the player he once was. A shame he doesn't have the same pace now but I really hope he is in the world cup squad.
  20. I think Hurley disturbed the ash around the cabin in season 5 and I have enjoyed season 6. Also the writers have confirmed they have made much of it up along the way. That is why Walt was phased out because they decided he wasn't that important to the story.
  21. Milan have emerged victorious on the four previous occasion the clubs have met over two legs in Europe, winning semi-final ties in the European Champion Clubs’ Cup in 1957/58, 1968/69 and 2006/07 as well as in the UEFA Champions League first knockout round in 2004/05. Lots of good games on tonight. Real Madrid v Lyon and Arsenal V Porto. I will be watching the AC man utd game but probably flick through all of them. I hope Beckham gets a good reception for the second leg, I imagine he will do.
  22. Yeah but I swear Spurs and others were interested a couple years back too? I never saw him play much but after a bit of research he has a very good scoring record, maybe bang Boro back to the bigtime. You might be surprised to know that West Ham scouted him but didn't follow it up because Wigan bid 3 million and we rejected, so didn't want to pay more than 3 million either I think. They were monitoring the situation but got other strikers in. I think the league is over, I said it a few weeks back. This season is a transitional, every team goes through a bad season and I think this should be written off. We might still win the cup though.
  23. I am pretty sure that he is a Celtic and Liverpool fan. Most Irish people are brought up to support Celtic as their scottish team and I guess he just supported Liverpool. Many people support two teams, Liverpool is probably his favorite team but he has fond memories of Celtic when he was a boy. It's not uncommon for people to support two teams from different countries, media and fans just criticizing him for the sake of it. Even if the above is true, he is still a massive cunt. Because he turned down west ham to come to us I am sure I read that Gold said he was wanting to much money to go to you on loan yesterday. Today has been the best deadline day for us in my life, I can't remember a big signing really since Bellemy. I am sad to see McDonald go but if the other strikers come in and score loads I will soon forget about him. Jess, McDonald is brilliant and he will score a shit load for you. One thing to note, Rory said he scores 20+ a season, he was nearly doing this at Motherwell which is why we signed them and at the time they were really bad. btw, I gave you what to expect from Strachan at the time of his appointment, do you agree with it? I still can't believe today, it has been about 8 years since a transfer made by a Scottish team was the biggest news of the transfer window in the UK. It's great
  24. I am pretty sure that he is a Celtic and Liverpool fan. Most Irish people are brought up to support Celtic as their scottish team and I guess he just supported Liverpool. Many people support two teams, Liverpool is probably his favorite team but he has fond memories of Celtic when he was a boy. It's not uncommon for people to support two teams from different countries, media and fans just criticizing him for the sake of it.
  25. The Ac V Inter game is on tomorrow from 7 on ESPN, which is free this weekend Buddy Holly, what is that danish guy like. Hopefully he is clinical as that's what we need and do you think he can play in europe etc. EDIT - Just to let you know Ricky, I disagree with Rory's opinion on JVOH. He was good the first two seasons for us but the third was blighted by hamstring injuries, he gets them all the time now and is past his best. Don't get me wrong, he had talent and was great in Holland and in the Champions League for us but to be truthful he struggled in the SPL in the last year. He committed way too many fouls and was really poor at heading, like crouch in a way. Also he was pretty clumsy, falling over which did get us penalties but the fouls were annoying, as well as some of his tackles being horrific. He should have been red carded more than he was. To be fair to him, he does give 100% though but the SPL is more competitive than people criticize it for, just not enough money up here, mainly thanks to Setanta collapsing and Sky pumping money in the the premiership since 2000.
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